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Mary’s Meals

Posted January 02, 2013 in Community Featured, Clear Lake
Angela Faber and other volunteers stand with Mary’s Meals co-founder Magnus MacFarland.

Angela Faber and other volunteers stand with Mary’s Meals co-founder
Magnus MacFarland.

You may have seen folks wearing shirts and bands with the question “Got Food?,” but what is it referencing? The answer is Mary’s Meals, a global movement to inspire all people to come together and helps those who are less fortunate.

Mary’s Meals provides daily meals to chronically hungry children in an educational atmosphere which amounts to an average of $16.80 per child annually worldwide. Basically, the meal is an incentive for the hungry child to attend school and gain an education in hopes that education will someday lift him or her out of poverty. Sounds good, right? Folks at the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church think so.

St. Patrick’s parish has provided support to the Mary’s Meals program in various ways: through prayer, providing education to help others become more aware of poverty around the world and by sponsoring children in Africa. For the past two years, the church has adopted children in Malawi, Africa, to feed for a year, says Angela Faber, local volunteer.

“Each year its goals have been surpassed, and the extra financial support helped construct kitchens in schools, significantly cutting down the costs of transporting food and supplies,” she says. “Not only have St. Patrick’s Church members helped change the lives of these children, in turn, their hearts and lives are changed to reflect an attitude of gratitude for all that we have right here in America.”

All ages are encouraged to help support the Mary’s Meals movement. Preschoolers colored small bowls that were displayed representing how many children were sponsored and fed. Teens helped design and sell bands that stated, “Got Food?” T-shirts were sold and donations were gathered. For two years, the Catholic parish has fed close to 500 children and contributed to building a kitchen at a school.

Even though the parish has embraced the Mary’s Meals movement, it is not a Catholic charity. Many groups such as 4-H, Girl Scouts, public schools and other Christian denominations have adopted the Mary’s Meals cause to educate and feed poor, hungry children around the world.

“Feeding a poor, hungry child knows no organizational boundary,” Faber says.

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