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Century Mark

Posted January 02, 2013 in Adel, Community Featured
Scott and Jodi Selby and daughters Rori and Tasia have made this 1890 house an inviting home.

Scott and Jodi Selby and daughters Rori and Tasia have made this 1890 house an inviting home.

In 1851 James and Marian Mills received the piece of land located at 320 Nile Kinnick Drive North from the U.S. government.

Adel was still known as Penoach. In 1890, a house was built on the property. This cozy, pristine, 122-year-old house is now home to Scott and Jodi Selby and their two girls, Rori and Tasia. Jodi has owned the house since 2003, and after meeting Scott Selby they were married in May of 2012. At least six families have previously owned the house and 10 children have grown up here.

The two-story house has a welcoming porch, living room with a fireplace, four bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, dining area, utility/bonus room and detached garage.

Both Scott and Jodi are “idea people.” They evaluated the house and determined what they needed and what they wanted. A priority was a closet for Jodi. Scott says “her clothes were in three or four different places, and I thought it would be nice for her to have everything in one place.”

Scott, a skilled artisan who won’t admit he is talented, used the smallest bedroom and designed a closet. Together the two have transformed this house into a home that gets your attention when you walk in the door. It is inviting, fresh, clean, cozy and comfortable.

FamilyPicJodie chose a monochromatic color palette that reflects the original period of the house, showing off its character and charm. New carpet, a new shower and a room with a tin roof added to the south side of the house makes it a work of art. Mixing finishes and periods and using her personal touch Jodi has achieved an exceptional classy interior — you want to stay awhile and just look at it.

When renovating older homes, people sometimes find interesting things. While tearing out a wall in an upstairs bedroom, Jodi found a postcard from Susan Oelrich. While on vacation, Susan had written the card to her parents Kenneth and Margaret Oelrich. The Oelriches purchased the home in 1954, and Kenny Oelrich was part of Koch Pharmacy now Adel Health Mart.

Jodi, the daughter of former Dallas County Sheriff Lee Struble and stepdaughter of “Grandma Kay,” grew up in Adel. She is a vice president in the compliance department at Bankers Trust, a Girl Scout leader for troop 856 in Adel and a volunteer conservator for the state of Iowa. Scott grew up in Shenandoah. He works for Lakeville Motor Express LTL.  His hobbies are golf, hunting and riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

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