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Posted January 02, 2013 in Community Featured, Johnston
Ken Hockmouth shows off the BMW he and his wife received for meeting a sales goal.

Ken Hockmouth shows off the BMW he and his wife received for meeting a sales goal.

For the past 20 years, Ken and Tina Hockmouth’s garage has housed the truck he used in their concrete business. Today a 2012 BMW X5 occupies its space.

“We had run a concrete business for years,” says Hockmouth. “But when the economy fell apart, so did our business. We were nearing foreclosure, we were behind in our taxes, and we had a baby on the way in a matter of months. We had to do something.”

What they did was close the concrete business and crank up another as independent sales representatives for the Body by Vi 90-day weight-loss program.

“We’ve always been passionate about health and fitness,” says Hockmouth. “This seemed like the perfect fit. We can promote health and help people financially. We qualified for the car in six days.”

The BMW was a perk for attaining a certain level of sales. Having grown up in Johnston and running a business there, the Hockmouths have a wide network of friends in the area and met their sales goals quickly.

“We leased our car from a dealership in upstate New York. It saved $300 per month on the lease,” says Hockmouth. “The dealership offered to fly me out to pick it up and drive it home. It sounded like fun.”

In August of last year Hockmouth flew to the Orange County BMW dealership to pick up their new car.

“I drove through the Catskills and the mountains of Pennsylvania on the way home,” says Hockmouth. “It was a gorgeous drive. I spent the night in Cleveland and ate at Micheal Symon’s Lola restaurant. He is my favorite Food Network Chef. That was a real treat for me.

“When I was driving through Illinois, I stopped in a small town off the interstate for gas,” he says. “The small-town police were skeptical of the brand-new black BMW and pulled me over. They asked if they could search it and said they were looking for large amounts of cash. I just laughed and let them look.”

With their supplement drink business in full swing, the Hockmouths have solved their financial troubles and do not miss the concrete business at all.

“We’re still rocking it,” says Hockmouth. “We just love helping people with their health.”

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