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Brenlou’s Bluegrass Road

Posted December 20, 2012 in Community Blogs, Johnston

BRENLOUMERRY CHRISTMAS! from Brenlou’s Bluegrass Road!   Tis the Season to be jolly, falalalalalala!! One of my all time favorite Christmas Carols of course.  What a wonderful feeling to finally be in the holiday frenzy of trying to get gifts purchased, candy made, baking completed and all my Christmas cards mailed on time.  Yes, it’s hectic and stressful, but also a peaceful feeling of sorts, too.  Just the joy of celebrating the birth of Jesus and a time of giving; precious moments spent with family to cherish throughout the year.

When I was a child, there were so many things we did to celebrate Christmas.  Seemed like the weather patterns were so different way back then.  School would be out for a few weeks and we’d spend the days working up to Christmas by building snow forts and ice skating in the town square.  The small town where I grew up would have Santa make his entrance in the fire truck and he’d give every kid in town those little brown paper bags filled with old fashioned candy & peanuts.  There were snow ball fights, Christmas programs and Christmas caroling galore! I think the caroling is what I miss most about those times.  I’d join in a group from my church and walk the entire town singing.  And then we’d get a group from school and we’d also go caroling.  The Church would always take us on a sled ride outing, too! Lots of hot chocolate and riding on sleds,  oh to be young again.

Then my Dad would always travel out in the country and cut down our Christmas Tree! He never let us kids go with him, so maybe he bought it and didn’t tell us? But all we knew was it was always the best tree ever! We’d spend hours stringing up popcorn to go all the way around it to make it look extra special .   What are your favorite memories of Christmas?

As we go into the season and do all our favorite things, let’s not forget the real reason of the season! The birth of our Lord Savior,  Jesus Christ.

Christmas Times A Comin, Christmas Times A Comin

Christmas Times A Comin and I know I’m going Home.

Holly’s in the window, homes where the wind blows

Can’t stop for running

Cause Christmas Time’s A Comin!   MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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