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Wildfire Scooter Cox enjoys tooling around town on little gas

Posted December 19, 2012 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights
After a few hiccups were cured, Richard Cox enjoys riding his Wildfire R8 scooter.

After a few hiccups were cured, Richard Cox enjoys riding his Wildfire R8 scooter.

After catching up with an old high school friend who drove around town on a scooter, Richard Cox decided it wasn’t such a bad idea.  Soon after, he purchased his dark blue and silver Wildfire R8.

Cox says he regretted it almost immediately.

“It wasn’t running worth a darn,” he says. He could drive for a block or two, and then it would choke up and he’d have to push it home and let it sit for a while before he could ride it again.

He was actually planning on selling it when a friend of his wife, Jody, said he was learning to work on vehicles and offered to take a look at it. A new carburetor and some minor tinkering later, and Cox says his motorbike purrs.

The scooter gets up to a smooth 40 mph, making it fun for Cox to take around town and on side streets, but he avoids major thoroughfares for his safety.

“You get up to 40 mph on those little tires and you really get to bouncing,” Cox says. “It can be scary.”

Two of Cox’s sons are retired State Highway Patrol, so he is aware of the dangers. Though he was initially resistant to the idea of getting a helmet, Cox gave in and bought one. He acknowledges that riding a scooter can be dangerous and sometimes other drivers don’t see the smaller vehicle, but the bike has several headlights across the handlebars and another in the front center which turns on whenever the bike is running.

“It’s a nice little thing to run around and do errands,” Cox says.

Gas mileage was a big factor in getting the scooter. He has an SUV that gets 14 mpg and a Mercury which also uses a lot of fuel.  He says one or two gallons in the scooter will make it run two or three weeks around town.

“A hundred or so miles, I’d guess,” he says.

He also takes it out in the summer evenings when he can just cruise around the surrounding neighborhoods and enjoy the ride and weather.

He’s had several offers on the scooter, which he was considering, but now that it’s fixed, he’s decided to hang on to it for a while longer.

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