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Time Trial Bike

Posted December 19, 2012 in Community Featured, Grimes
Aryn Flood on her Orbea Ordu.

Aryn Flood on her Orbea Ordu.

Like a stealth fighter, Aryn Flood’s Orbea Ordu slices through the wind. The same shapes and angles that make an airplane hard for radar to see make this bike hard for the wind to see.

“I love it,” says Flood. “Not only does it feel fast, it just looks cool and makes me want to ride it fast.”

Flood, a student at Des Moines University, has been competing in triathlons for several years, but grew up swimming.

“My strength in triathlon has always been the swim,” says Flood. “I swam in school, but now I really love the bike. It’s probably my favorite part of triathlon.”

Flood has used her Ordu in not one, but two Ironman distance races, both in Madison, Wisc., 2011 and 2012. Her 2012 finish in 12:11:28 placed her 18th out of all Iowa finishers and the second female from Iowa.

“I was really happy with my race,” says Flood. “I was hoping to break 12 hours, but I’m happy with my time. My bike really helps me, not just during the bike leg, but it helps me stay fresh for the run, too.”

Flood’s Ordu is her second bike. Her first, a Trek 1.2, is more suited for long road riding.

“I still really like riding my Trek,” says Flood, whose bikes sit side by side in her garage, “It’s more comfortable for long rides and group rides. I’ve even done some bike races on it.”

Flood’s Ordu is designed for pure speed with low, extended handlebars that allow a downhill-ski-like tuck and deep-rimmed aerodynamic wheels that slice through the wind, all crafted from aircraft-quality carbon fiber. Tour de France winner Greg LeMond revolutionized this style of bike in his 1989 victory with the use of the downhill-skier tuck position and aerodynamic equipment. In the years since, with the advent of carbon fiber technology, bicycle manufactures have refined that position and made it available to people like Flood.

“It’s a real treat to ride a bike like this,” says Flood, who spent several months researching and shopping before landing on the Ordu. “In the end, it came down to the bike that fit me the best, and, I have to admit, looks. I think this really looks cool, and I believe that helps me ride faster.”

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