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Close Proximity

Posted December 19, 2012 in Community Featured, Downtown

According to Annie Shoemaker, who relocated downtown with her daughter three years ago, the move was a great decision for both of them though she doesn’t exactly know why. She does know, however, that they don’t plan to leave anytime soon.

“I truly don’t know how we got here,” she says. “But it’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to us. I really love it down here.”


Annie Shoemaker enjoys having her job, restaurants and entertainment near her
downtown loft.

There are so many things she likes about living in a loft near the East Village, including the easy access to restaurants and activities. The close proximity to her work doesn’t hurt either.

“It’s a great area,” Shoemaker says.  “I like the atmosphere.”

The Shoemakers live in a spacious loft with lots of living area and a great view of the downtown skyline.

She and her daughter also have a pug named Maizey who has adjusted well to her new lifestyle. Shoemaker says having a pet has actually helped her meet new people because she says there are a lot of pet owners in her building. She adds that she has found the East Village to be very pet friendly.

It helps that Maizey is quite laid back and spends most of the day sitting on a ledge looking out over the city.

As for Shoemaker, she says she rarely goes to the mall anymore because she’d rather shop downtown and support stores in the area. She also lists off the many races and festivals, the farmers’ market and Sunday bazaar as some of her favorite activities in the area.

“I never drive on the weekend,” Shoemaker says. “When I get home Friday, I don’t even get in my car until Monday.”

Many people think living downtown may be noisy, but Shoemaker says that isn’t the case. The only noise she had to get used when she first moved to the area was street cleaning and garbage pickup, which she says she doesn’t even hear anymore.

Through all the benefits and perks of living downtown, she says the only thing she would like to see is a grocery store open in the downtown area.

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