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Too many different computers

Posted December 12, 2012 in Advice Column

The good, old-fashioned desktop computer is the most versatile piece of technology and the most upgradeable. This is tough to beat in all categories except for portability. The laptop or notebook computer usually comes in screen sizes of 12 to 17 inches and has an attached keyboard and optical drive (DVDRW). Much like a desktop computer, only portable, it runs much slower due to its low wattage components required for battery use. The newest family of notebooks is the ultrabook coming in at ¾” thick and weighing less than three pounds. These computers require the most maintenance as they contain only one fan and overheat easily. The netbook is similar to the notebook, only smaller with screen sizes lower than 12 inches and generally does not have an optical drive. These devices run on even lower wattages, so don’t expect too much from them, and they come with a limited version of Windows installed.

A tablet is like a netbook without a keyboard. This requires a touch screen and the operating system is very similar to a smartphone. The all-in-one desktop computer looks like only a screen and sometimes can come in a touch screen version, also. The components are built into the back of the screen and provide a nice space saving device for normal day-to-day use although they require similar maintenance to that of a notebook.

Information provided by Joe Gilbert, owner of Little Joe’s Computers, 1000 Central Ave., Fort Dodge. For more information, call 515-955-4424.

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