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Style Matters

Posted December 12, 2012 in Community Featured, West Des Moines

Chelle Clark likes the look of her Mercedes Benz E 320.

From her clothes, hair and makeup, to her work as owner of CG Design, style is essential to Chelle Clark of West Des Moines. So it stands to reason that when she and her husband, Wes, were shopping for a car for her to drive, she was drawn to the style of Mercedes Benz.

“I always buy cars for the style,” says Clark. “The reliability of our Land Rover was going bye-bye. Wes saw the Mercedes on the lot and thought it was a timeless color and style that I might like.”

Two years ago, Clark purchased her 2000 Mercedes Benz E 320 to replace her ailing SUV. She had heard good things about the reliability of Mercedes from two of her friends who owned them and was looking to upgrade her vehicle.

“I’ve had good luck with mine so far,” she says, noting that she found a mechanic who “eats, sleeps and breathes Mercedes” to help maintain it.

She says that oil changes are slightly more expensive than those for her old SUV, but that they are not needed as often so they are “less of an inconvenience.”

Clark credits her Mercedes’ performance due to its all-wheel drive and dual timing chain. She says that it also rides comfortably and performs well in the snow.

“I also like how it doesn’t show dirt very easily,” Clark says.

She also likes how it gets better gas mileage than her Land Rover did.

“I’m more of a car person than an SUV person because I like getting better mileage, and I can still fit the kids in it,” she says.

Clark not only has room for her husband and two young children, but also the materials that she hauls to various jobs for clients. Because style is her business, her vehicle helps to promote her brand of work.

“It has a timeless, lasting style,” she says.

Timelessness, of course, means that Clark is not in a hurry to go shopping again any time soon.

“We know that there are plenty of more miles left on it,” she says. “Besides, we drive our cars until it’s time to send them to car heaven. We could easily drive this one for years. Who knows? It might become my son’s first car some day?”

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