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Preserving your family’s history for the future

Posted December 12, 2012 in Advice Column, West Des Moines

For some families, this is one of the few times of the year that everyone gets together. It’s a time of reminiscing — silly times, the tough times that strengthen your bond, reliving childhood adventures and family vacations. With mugs of warm cider or chilled eggnog, you recall Uncle John’s fishing disaster or Great-Grandma’s front porch talks with the grandkids. You may retell the old folklore story that you are distant relatives of royalty or a Revolutionary War hero or Native American legend. You dust off boxes of old pictures and news clippings to show the next generation, your newest adults, who finally get to sit at the “grown-up” table for dinner this year.

Most people agree that time feels like it passes faster and faster as we age. There is a deep urge to capture the memories from days gone by so that every generation can enjoy them, and add to them, as time goes on.  We also tend to want to know from where we come, to whom we are connected and how to identify ourselves through history.

Professional archival and genealogical services are a great way to capture the moments that give so much meaning to our lives and to the legacy of our families. Gather family stories, pictures and relics and give the gift of preserving your family history. Consider the great value of having your family tree traced and documented and of knowing everything in those old boxes is safe and organized for future generations to relish.

Information provided by Heather Isaacson of Home Remedies,, 515-243-7810.

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