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Hanging On

Posted December 12, 2012 in Community Featured, Des Moines West

Jordan Voigt loves her Saturn for its heated seats and air conditioning.

Grand View University student Jordan Voigt has a special kind of admiration for her white 2003 Saturn L300.

It isn’t because her grandmother gave it to her, or that it is newer than her previous car or even that it was free. Her love of the car is purely physical.

“It has heated seats and also air conditioning, which are really awesome inventions,” Voigt says.

Voigt’s previous car didn’t have either. These two things are now a must for her next car as well.

While she loves the heated seats and cool flowing air, they barely make amends for what is wrong with the car.

After having the car for a year and a half (her grandmother had it for five), Voigt spent $1,500 over the summer “getting a whole bunch of things fixed.” Even so, she is still facing a bad transmission and poor gas mileage. The driver’s seat has a tear, the headliner is falling, and it “sounds like a creaky ship.”

The Saturn also has an automatic starter, but it only works if she gets within 20 feet of the vehicle.

“But I don’t have to sit in it to start it,” she laughs.

Even with the long list of things that is wrong with it, Voigt insists it isn’t that bad and is much nicer than some of the previous vehicles she has owned. Even so, she’s already making plans to move up.

Her next car will have the aforementioned heated seats and air conditioning, as well as good gas mileage.  She is hoping to move to Denver, so it also has to drive well in the snow.

She has big dreams of owning an all-wheel drive Subaru with pink rims and a rocking sound system. The sound system is a stipulation placed by her boyfriend, but Voigt isn’t disagreeing.

Her current radio isn’t exactly up to date, but she can play CDs and can use an adaptor in the cassette player to hook up her phone to play Pandora.

Voigt says that even with 150,000 miles on the Saturn and all the things wrong with it, she plans on hanging onto it until she gets through school.

“I’ve limped worse cars along way longer,” she laughs.

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