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Christmas Cheer

Posted December 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Susan Laufersweiler with her class of third graders in the spirit for Christmas. Front, from left: Alyson Nieland, EllyBerry and Marlo Lochray. Second row: Connor Mallinger, Caroline Shelly, Blaine Brennan-Rowe, Quinten McCarville and Valeria Cazares. Back: Cayne Reed, Landon Jeffers, Grant Webster, Zach Smith, Jordyn Putney, Aleah Anderson and Lilly Kolacia.

Fort Dodge Living magazine has recruited a new crop of writers for our lead story this month.

Students in Mrs. Susan Laufersweiler’s third grade class at St. Edmond Catholic School were asked to share what they enjoy at Christmastime.

Grab a cup of cocoa, turn on some Christmas music, settle in and read about their wishes and traditions, exactly how they wrote them.

Whether it’s making sure there is a birthday cake for the Newborn King on Christmas Day or recalling sledding at grandpa and grandma’s house, each story is a treasure. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas from all of us at Fort Dodge Living!

Christmas Traditions
By Aleah N. Anderson

Every Christmas my family and I put up the Christmas tree and decorate it. We get the dough out of the freezer and put the cookie dough on the cooking tray. Then we put it in the stove and let it cook. When the cookies are done we always put them on a special Christmas plate that has Santa Claus’s head on it.

Baking Cookies
By Elly L. Berry

When I bake cookies with my grandma we make homemade frosting. We also cut out shapes likes Christmas trees, gingerbread men, and hearts. I make about four kinds of frosting. They are green, red, white, and blue. Then we put the frosting on the cookies. On the gingermen we make shirts and pants out of frosting. On the Christmas trees we put green frosting and little dots on it. On the hearts we put red frosting on. Then we put them in the oven. Then we take them out and eat them.

A Joyful Christmas
By Blaine Brennan-Rowe

My family always bakes cookies and muffins. My brother comes every Christmas. We also decorate the tree after we put it up. My sister and I put candy canes on the tree. My Grandma, uncle, cousins and my aunt come and we all have a joyful Christmas.

Christmas Traditions
By Valeria Cazares

I have Mexican traditions, and my favorite part is a party. We have a piniata! It’s a lot of fun! At the party we cook cake for the newborn king. Then the youngest boy gets to get the first bite.

Family Christmas
By Landon Jeffers

Christmas is a time to spend with your family. You can have fun with your family. I made a Christmas Ornament for my family and they loved it! When it was Christmas I waited for the WHOLE family to get up. Then the family gets up, we got to open the presents. I got a SkyLanders from my mom!

Cookies for Christmas
By Lilly Kolacia

Every Christmas my family makes gingerbreadmen and ginger cookies. My favorite part about making cookies is rolling the dough. When the cookies are done baking, we put the frosting on. Then we eat the cookies.

Christmas Presents
By Marlo Lochray

If I could give a present to someone who needs it I would give some food. I would also give some clothes that do not fit me to those who need it.

Christmas Rocks!
By Connor Mallinger

I think Christmas rocks! Every Christmas Eve I do a Christmas party and make cookies. It is very fun. It feels like I get more presents every year. I think this year is probably even better then last year because this year I bet we will make more cookies. I just definetly think there were will be. I literly know it.

Making Christmas Ornaments
By Quinten M. McCarville

My mom makes cookies. We decorate the Christmas tree and my mini tree. Sometimes we turn on music. We use orndeament from daycare on this glass ball then we put glitter on it and the year. Then we put stuff in it. In kindergarten we made this thing with Baby Jesus, the Shepherd, Mary and Joseph. I put them on my tree. My mom makes good cookies. Sometimes she makes Christmas trees. The end.

Shopping for Mom and Dad
By Alyson Nieland

Every Christmas my family goes to my grandma’s house. We help her bake and frost cookies. It is fun because I get to see my cousins Autumn and Tyler. One of my favorite things is putting the ornaments on the Christmas tree. At my grandma’s house in Manson we get to make an ornament and take it home. Every year for Christmas we get somebody a present. I like when we shop for our parents.

Hanging Stockings
By Jordyn Putney

Every Christmas my family and I go to my grandma’s house. All my cousins come and we make cookies and hang up our stockings. For lunch, we sometimes have chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy. At the end of the day, my cousns and I open presents. After that we all go back home. The end.

A gift for Munchkin
By Cayne Reed

I’m going to give my dog Munchkin a present. Munchkin is easy to give a present to. I’m going to give him treats, bones, one car, and a pet animal for Christmas. Then I give my dog a big hug.

Christmas at my home
By Caroline Shelly

On Christmas my Aunt comes from San Francisco. My mom and I go to the airport and pick her up. When we get to our house my aunt puts the presents under the Christmas tree. Then we got to bed. The next morning my mom goes and gets the dogs and locks them up or else the dogs will do their business on the presents. So while my mom is doing that, my brother Charlie, my aunt Mindy, and I are sitting on the steps waiting to tear open the presents. Christmas night we all go to my grandma’s house for dinner. The next day my aunt and I play with my Christmas presents.

From left, Aleah Anderson, Landon Jeffers and Blaine Brennan-Rowe are ready for some Christmas fun.

Christmas Prayer
By Zach Smith

When I have Christmas I have my whole family come over and have cookies, presents, pray to God. We go to my house and my Grandma’s house. At my Grandma’s hosue we have stockings. My dad gets $75 for Christmas from my family and me.

The Best Cookies Ever
By Grant Webster

What I do for Christmas. I go house to house and sing songs and give some money to people that need it. Makies Cookies for my family. I make cookies, the best cookies ever. I also make cookies for my neighbors. I use chocolate and M&Ms.

A Christmas Story
By Drew Szalt

My family always looks at Christmas lights around Christmas. Won time we saw a sleigh mark on the moon. We were all wondering if it was Santa. Then we kept on looking at lites. All night I was wondering if it was Santa or knot. I wish I knew if those were his sleigh marks. But Santa is real.

A Christmas Story!!
By Lexi Mericle

Every year for Christmas I go to my grandmas. All of are family gather. We have a big dinner. We always say a prayer. After dinner we open presents. Then we go sledding on her big hill. Sometimes we go sledding in the dark. We have a wonderful Christmas!

My favorite Christmas Carols
By Riley

My favorite Christmas carols are Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer, We Wish  you a Merry Christmas, Jingle Bells and All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.

A cake for Jesus
By Aleksandria

The day before Christmas Eve my mom takes my family to a store to pick out our own ornament. On Christmas Eve, we go to church and when we come home, there is a present under the tree for each of us, Christmas p.j.s! We put them on and take a family photo. My mom makes a cake for Jesus and leaves it on the table. Last year when we put up the tree a mouse ran across Mom’s lap and across my foot! My mom screamed! It turned out to be the best Christmas ever!

Christmas with Grandparents
By Andrew

My family goes to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house and opens presents.

Christmas ‘Jammies
By Kennedy

Every Christmas I go to my Grandma’s and spend the night. We open one present and it is always pajamas and we sleep in them. One night my brother and I said we had to go to the bathroom but we really wanted to see our presents! My mom and aunt were still awake at 2:00 in the morning! We got to look at our presents.

The Midnight Hour
By Emillian

My family tradition is to wait until 12:00 a.m.. Once that happens, we open presents.

Christmas Feast
By Lucas

Every year, a few days before Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa come and stay until Christmas Eve. We go to Mass and on Christmas Day we wait until everybody is home to open presents. Then we have a big feast!

Christmas Tradition
By Kellen

My special Christmas tradition is when I go to my Grandma’s house and stay there for four days. My family tradition is smallest to oldest.

Christmas Soup
By Lexie

Every year my family sings our favorite Christmas carols then we each open one present. We have a special soup and then open the rest of our presents on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day we open the presents we get from Santa and have a nice breakfast.

Sledding the Big Hill
By Zach

On Christmas Eve we open one present. The next day we open the rest of our presents and go outside at the farm. We sled down the big hill and get pulled around on the big sled!

Putting up the tree
By Joseph

We put up our tree four days away from Christmas. We open our presents on Christmas morning.

A Titanic Christmas
By Hayden

On Christmas we go to Arkansas to see our cousins and Grandpa and Grandma. Last year we went to the Titanic Museum. I saw Samules James. He died. He was the ship’s designer.

Going to Church
By Brady

At my house our tradition is to go to church on Sunday morning and then come home and open presents. Then we go to Grandma’s house and play a Chinese game. It’s really fun!

Christmas Elf
By Noah

I remember when I got my Elf on a Shelf! We would find him everyday that he comes. I remember when he made a Lego Christmas tree! That was his last day.

Christmas Ponies
By Emma

This is my family tradition: we go to grandma and grandpa’s house every year. When we get there my sister and I give them a big hug! Then we go play with our cousins. My sister is a little shy at first. We go downstairs to ride the pretend horses. They are a horses head on a pole and some have buttons on their ears, push and they talk! We race around the pool table! We take turns opening our presents and then we go home.

The Christmas Pickle
By Alivia

On Christmas we go to my Grandmas house and have a good dinner. Then we go home and have a Christmas party. There is always a pie on the table. We have all my family at the party and open presents. We have a little plastic pickle we hide somewhere on the Christmas tree. We watch Norad on the computer to see where Santa is! When he gets close we go to bed and talk on walkie-talkies.

A Fun Christmas
By Neely

Our family Christmas is a lot of fun! We go to my aunt Chris’ house for a snack and play games. After church we go to my Grandma’s house and have a really good dinner and take photos. One by one we open our presents and eat pie. We watch Santa go by on the computer and then go to bed. In the morning, we take our photo on the steps and then we go see what we got! We play and wait for our grandparents to come over and see what we got.

Youngest Goes First!
By Alexis

Every year my family opens presents youngest to oldest. We sing Christmas songs. When we are done with presents, the whole family comes over to sing more Christmas songs.

Christmas in Clare
By Gracie

On Thanksgiving, after we eat, we draw names out of a hat. Whoever we get, that is who we buy a present for. We go to church on Christmas Eve in Clare and my little sister and I are in a play about how Jesus is born! Last year we were angels! We have a very good Christmas dinner and then open presents. Then I go out to the barn and play with the animals, then I come in and play with my toys.

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