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1976 Corvette

Posted December 12, 2012 in Community Featured, Norwalk

Norwalk Police Chief Ed Kuhl makes a parade appearance in his Victory Red Corvette.

About 25 years ago, a sweet little car caught the eye of Police Chief Ed Kuhl.

He was a patrolman at the time, keeping the streets of Blair, Neb., safe. He often drove by a dealership where he also kept his eye on a 1976 T-top Corvette painted Victory Red.

“The more I drove by, the more it interested me,” he says.

He decided to go in one day to talk to the dealer. When the salesman didn’t give him a good enough deal, Kuhl visited with the dealership owner, Bob Woodhouse, who he knew. Woodhouse made an offer Kuhl couldn’t refuse, so he bought the Corvette.

While most Corvette owners tell tales of speeding down the highway, Kuhl has different stories to tell, like the time he was assistant police chief in another town and heard a call over his portable radio while he was off duty. Another officer needed assistance with a car accident so Kuhl threw his “Kojack” light on the roof of his Corvette and headed that way.

A few days later, word spread and Kuhl got a call from the assistant police chief of a neighboring town who asked when his department started driving Corvettes.

“I took a little bit of ribbing there,” Kuhl laughs. “But the officer was still glad to see me.”

Since then, Kuhl’s Corvette has been seen cruising around Norwalk during the summer months and driving in the local parade.

“It’s just kind of fun to have,” Kuhl says.

He and his wife, Diane, enjoy taking rides in the car, but it isn’t their primary source of transportation. It is more of a hobby car which gets the honored parking spot under the Huskers flag in Kuhl’s garage.

Over the years, Kuhl has put in quite a bit of work and upgrades in the Corvette, including rebuilding the engine, suspension system and car seats. He says it already had significant mileage on it when he purchased it all those years ago, which is why some of the work was required.

He still has big plans to finish the interior and get new paint.

Kuhl says with a laugh, “It’s practically a brand-new 1976 Corvette.”

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