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Conference Realignment

Posted December 11, 2012 in Community Blogs

The landscape is changing in rural Iowa.  Many school districts are experiencing declining enrollment, forcing consolidations and with that, conference realignment.

The result of these demographic shifts is now impacting the North Central Conference.  Bishop Garrigan has petitioned the North Iowa Conference for membership and has been accepted on an 8 – 0 vote of NIC Superintendent’s.  North Iowa Conference Boards of Education will now vote on Bishop Garrigans acceptance at their December Board meetings.

In addition to Bishop Garrigan, Eagle Grove, and Clarion-Goldfield have met with representatives of the NIC to explore their options.  As of this writing, neither Eagle Grove nor Clarion-Goldfield have petitioned the North Iowa Conference for membership.  However, their contemplation of a move to the NIC is a cause for concern for potential remaining members of the North Central Conference.

The North Central Conference has been in existence for 88 years.  The conference is well respected statewide.  My hope and desire is that the conference will stay together and continue its rich tradition of success.

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