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Dear Santa…

Posted December 05, 2012 in Clear Lake

Front row, left to right: Noah Christensen, Jordan Bergman and Kolin Bird. Second row: Delany Eden, Brooke Schultz, Emily LeFevre, Alec Eggers and Cade VanHorn. Third row: Gretchen Guetzlaff, Halle Froelich, Lauren VanHorn, Maddie Jurgensen, Kacey Zickefoose and Isabella Clabaugh Back row: Conner Lorentzen, Mr. Einertson, Alaina Dodd, Andrew Crane, Shae Smith, Kaley Meyer, Neil Bordsen, P.J. Feuerbach, Paul Bruns and Josh Blaha.

Clear Lake Living recruited a new crop of writers for our lead story this month. Students in Mr. Troy Einertson’s fourth grade class at Clear Creek Elementary School were asked to share what they enjoy at Christmastime, and we publish their own words, spelling, grammar and style.

Grab a cup of cocoa, turn on some Christmas music, settle in and read how these kids love visiting their grandparents and playing with their cousins at Christmas. Learn about some great snowball fights, pranks played on sisters (always fun) and the year Dad got a stick of deodorant for Christmas!

And one young child reminds us all to celebrate a very important birthday this Christmas morning.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas from all of us at Clear Lake Living.


By Chelsey Holck

Christmas is my favorite holiday for many reasons.  Not only do you get to decorate the Christmas tree, living room, four bedrooms and the whole house, you get cool presents as well!

For Christmas we get lots of cool presents, from mom, dad, Tiger, Macey, and grandma. Last year I got a ripstick. It’s kind of like a skateboard but only with two wheels. I also got a game that’s called Loops. You move your hand wherever it lights up. My sister got a bop it XT it’s a game that whatever it says you have to hit it and if you don’t you have to start all over again. Another thing I got was an regeneration doll. It’s kind of like an American Girl doll, but it’s not.

On Christmas I get to see my family at my grandma’s house on Christmas Eve. We have a good time spending Christmas with them. We have a lot of fun.  At grandma’s house we get to open presents there on Christmas Eve. It’s really fun.

We like to have hot cocoa after being out in the snow almost all day, and so does my dad after he snow blowers at night. My mom shovels some of the snow out of our driveway. We also love to have marshmallows in our hot cocoa.

And that’s what we do on Christmas and Christmas Eve.

Delaney Eden, left, and Brooke Schulze are in the Christmas spirit as they bring a little joy to the classroom.

My Christmas

By Delaney Markwardt

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I like it so much, because my cousins come over. We don’t get to see them a lot, because they live in Iowa city, so when we  do get to see them it’s a big deal. Usually my family all gets together on special holidays.

When it’s Christmas we usually have something special to eat. It’s either turkey, ham vegetables, potatoes. We have lot’s of good foods. We always have stuffing.

Whenever we celebrate Christmas with my family we like to have family time. During family time we play games, tell jokes and chat. We also like to go outside and make snowmen, snow angels, and we like to have snowball fights.

After lunch we usually go downtown to Santa’s House so then we can tell him what we want.

That Christmas night we go to my great  grandma’s house we see our other  family members. Then we eat. There are all kinds of different foods. After eating we open present there. I enjoy spending time with my family. I hope this tradition goes on.

I like Christmas because……..

By Kaley Meyer

I like Christmas because I get to see almost all of my family, including my aunts, uncles, grandpas, grandmas, my more than 6 cousins and all my other family members. I think that that is really cool, because I get to see and talk to all of my family members and also eat with them for dinner. I have a really big family, like on Christmas, not everyone fits at one table, so we have to put all the boys in the dining room, and all the girls go in the kitchen. So I love spending time with my family!

Another reason I like Christmas is because I get lots of gifts. Not only do I enjoy getting gifts, I also enjoy giving gifts, too!  I enjoy giving gifts because I like to see the look on their faces.  Usually they have happy, excited, or even thankful looks on their faces.  But one time just because I didn’t know what to get my sister for Christmas, I grabbed one of the books from our book cupboard and I went downstairs and wrapped the book in wrapping paper. When she got the book she didn’t look very happy.  So all the other times when someone got a gift from me they looked pretty happy, just except for that one time.

Also another reason I like Christmas or winter is because…….wait for it…..SLEDDING!  It is extra fun because I live on a hill!  I have a lot of kids who live on my street, but I live at the top of the hill, so sometimes I invite them up to come sledding with me.  So every winter, I try to go outside to play in the snow whenever I can.  Well, now you know some reasons that I like Christmas.

Christmas Story

By Jacob Evans

Everyone loves Christmas, and I bet you do to. What’s your favorite part of Christmas? My favorite part is the presents! So I guess I will start off with presents.

I love when I come downstairs and see a bunch of presents under the tree. It is very hard not to peek at the presents.

Emily Lefevre is all smiles as she gets to work.

Then comes the time to open them, but mom says, “Wait! I need to go get my camera,” which I hate! Finally, you tear it open wondering what it is then you see it and it’s exciting.

Next you feast! You always want desserts first, but your mom says “No!” So you are stuck eating ham. Or sometimes you can eat turkey. Now you get candy. My favorite is fudge.

Last we go to all our relatives, which is just a bonus on presents. You get video games, candy, legos, and toys. Then you get more desserts.

So what’s your favorite holiday now?


by Nathan Lollar

I think it would be fun to be snowed in for Christmas. It would, because you would get to stay inside and watch movies. Plus you get to eat all the treats. You’ll get hours on end (but that’s not some people’s cup of tea) to play with toys.

One thing I really love about Christmas is the trees. The things I love most about the trees are the ornaments. (I used to think they had magic in them). My favorite ornament is a Sponge Bob one I got when I was very little. My sister and I have our own little trees in our rooms.

Cade VanHorn has an elfish grin as he gets to work.

Presents are another plus to Christmas. Here are some of my favorite presents. My huge toy robot, my epic olympic grade punching bag, and the shining grand flat screen TV. Ok I know what you’re thinking, how could he have better presents? Well I have an X-Box Connect!

But, that’s not my favorite present. It’s nothing you can buy, it’s your family.

My Christmas Trip

by Garratt Paul

If I could go anywhere for Christmas, I would go to the White House in Washington, D.C. I would want to go so I could see the President. I would like seeing all the pictures of the President. I could watch them turn on the lights on the big Christmas tree. That would be fun!

It would be a fun trip for my family! We would be able to see all the decorations outside and inside the White House. I would really like to go to the White House for Christmas. It would be a really fun trip!


By Andrew Crane

I love Christmas!  Christmas is my favorite holiday ever! I’m going to tell you a story that happened a few years ago.

One beautiful, Friday, winter morning, I woke up because I heard my mom calling me to breakfast.  So, I got out of bed, looked out the window ,and I saw beautiful trees , lightly covered in frost, and I saw my snow fort in my front yard.  Then I got dressed, got my book, and walked down the hall to the kitchen and sat down. “Your relatives are coming for Christmas!” My mom exclaimed.  That day was the last day until Christmas break!  I was so excited the whole day about my relatives coming for Christmas! That night I could hardly sleep.

The next morning I woke up, got dressed, and ran down the hall! “What’s the rush honey?” My mom asked. “Aren’t my relatives coming today?”  I asked. “Yes, but not till noon.” My mom said.  “Maybe you could clean your room. My mom said. So I ran down to my room and cleaned my room. It took me about 30 mins. to clean my room. When I was finished, I ran back down the hall. “Did you clean your room?” My mom asked.  “Yes.” I said. “Do you want to decorate with dad?” My mom asked. “Of course!” I exclaimed.  So me and my dad got out all the decorations out of storage, and started decorating!

When we finished decorating, my doorbell rang. I ran to the door and opened it… “How are you doing?” It was my aunt Renae, my uncle Mark, and my cousins, Justin, Eric, and Alex. “We’re doing great, how are you?” Mark asked. “Great, come on in!” I said. Everyone greeted them when I heard the doorbell ring again. It was my grandma and grandpa, Blaine and JoAnn, and my aunt Susie and uncle Andy.

Alec Eggers is a writer who knows that it takes a few revisions to get the story just right.

When everybody was settled in, we talked, and played games, and played games, and we all watched ‘Home Alone’. It’s a funny movie about a kid who gets left home alone while his family travels to Chicago for their Christmas holiday. While his family is away, two criminals try to break into his house, so he protects his house from them. After that we had our Christmas dinner.

The next morning, we woke up at about 9:00 to open presents. I got a Hot Wheels race track, my brother got a ‘Super Hero’ combo pack action figures with Spider Man, Thor, Hulk, and Ironman, my mom got a huge make-up kit, and a laptop, and all my dad got was a stick of deodorant.

Then, at about 3:30, we said goodbye and then they left! I will never forget that Christmas!

The Christmas Story

By Kaitlyn Vander Ploeg

Do you like Christmas? Well I sure do, because it’s a time I get to spend with my family and time to celebrate Jesus’ birthday!

Christmas isn’t all about presents. I know we have all heard time or another but it is true. We need to focus more on that it’s Jesus’s birthday. You like it when people celebrate your birthday why not his it will make him happy and me happy too so please focus more on his birthday. Please, for me?

Do you like seeing people you haven’t seen for ages? Well I do and we meet at my great grandmas apartments. We have pie, green bean casserole, cookies, cheesy potatoes, stuffing, and cream corn and the people I’ve never seen made it or people I haven’t seen forever.

Sometimes it smells like cookies, pie, and Christmas trees. It looks like huge trees and freezing snow, people playing in the snow. It feels like it is cold, cozy, or sometimes very sweet.

Noah Christensen gets comfy as he shows that today’s kids still know how to work a pencil and paper for a special writing assignment!

At church we have plays and my mom’s in charge. This year I want to be the lead. Usually I get a solo or speaking part.

I’m glad we all like Christmas but we should also focus on Jesus’s birthday.

Christmas Break

By Paul Bruns

Today I’m going to tell you about what I do on Christmas break with my cousins that live in Missouri. Their names are Toby, Trey, and Samie. Trey was adopted from Ethiopia, and he is about 5 years old. Toby is 10 and Samie just turn 14 years old.

Is Dani Mennenga writing, or emailing Santa with a report on who’s been naughty and who’s been nice?

On Christmas Break when they come we build fun and awesome snow forts in the cold wet snow!  We build tunnels in the snow, and other stuff.  Then we play in them. Then we have snowball fights the snowballs are about as big as a baseball. (They sometime hurt.) We do that for a long time sometimes.

We also play hide and go seek downstairs. One time my brother went behind the couch and no one found him for about 45 min., because the couch was right against the wall. Also we hide under beds and any other spot we can find downstairs.

We do lots of other things too, like play Bunko, the Wii and other stuff, but that is what we like to do best on Christmas break.

I hope you enjoyed the story! Have a great Christmas and a happy new year!


By Noah Peterson

Isabella Clabaugh, left, and Gretchen Guetzlaff are all smiles as they work on their magazine writing assignment.

If I could go anywhere for Christmas, I would go to New Jersey. I would have fun with cousins, aunts, grandpas, and grandmas.

I would play in the snow and make snow forts. I like making snow forts. Once I made a bunch of them. It is really fun making snow forts. I would make hot chocolate to get warmed up. It will be really fun to play with my cousins.

Do you like getting presents? On Christmas I am excited what I get. Do you get anything in your stocking? I get a bunch of sports cards. Plus I get Slinky’s. What I really want for Christmas is a netbook (a mini computer).

Where would you like to go on Christmas if you could go anywhere? What would you do? Merry Christmas!

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