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We Are Re-forming Learning Everyday in Mason City and Clear Lake Schools

Posted November 27, 2012 in Community Blogs, Clear Lake

Jamie Vollmer, author of the book “Schools Cannot Do It Alone” says, “We are in a time where our profession as educators is attached on so many fronts”, however it is our collective work together that can as Jamie Vollmer says: “show. . . what it is like to live and work inside “our” world. . to help others see that their opinions like those of most people who have little contact with schools are based on selective memories, misinformation, half-truths and sometimes outright lies about education today.”  So let’s take a look at what it means to be an educator, a teacher, today. . .

Michael Fullan and Andy Hargreaves have outlined what they call the Professional Capital View of teaching in their book “Professional Capital, Transforming Teaching in Every School” (summarized form pages 14 and 15 in this publication) . . .and this is what I see happening in our schools and what I believe about our educators in our district.

·        Good teaching is technically sophisticated and difficult. . . this is NOT easy

·         Good teaching requires high levels of education and long periods of training,.

·         Good teaching is perfected through continuous improvement learning . . . this requires a continuous support from the community, the school board to ensure that time is allotted for adult learning

·         Good teaching involves wise judgment that is informed by evidence and experience. . . educators make hundreds of decisions a day around how to ensure that each child’s educational, social/emotional needs are met, challenged, stretched and how best to accomplish all of these things.

·         Good teaching is a collective accomplishment and responsibility.  Our educators take collective responsibility from the time a child enters Pre-school through graduation. . . every teacher/educator who worked with, walked with and supported the learning of each child from grade to grade has a part in that graduation celebration. . . Good teaching is not just about enthusiasm, hard work, raw talent and measurable results.

·         Good teaching is a life journey to master our skills as educators.

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