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Facility Upgrades – Next Steps

Posted November 27, 2012 in Community Blogs

Nearly five years ago the District Facility Committee formulated and presented its recommendations for facility upgrades and projects to the Board of Education.  The recommendations approved by the Board prioritized the construction of the high school addition, including the competition gym to be followed by other smaller building projects, smaller only in cost, not in importance.

As the final punch list items for the high school addition are being addressed, our planning begins for the next phase of facility work.  Over the next several weeks district staff will be involved in discussions about construction needs in their respective buildings.  Following these discussions architects and engineers will begin the process of putting together timelines and cost estimates.

As a result of this process, cost estimates and recommendations will be presented to the Board of Education along with funding options for their consideration and action.  We look forward to the next round of facility work.  More information to follow as plans progress.

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