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The Work of Your School Boards

Posted November 20, 2012 in Community Blogs, Clear Lake

Did you know:

·         National statistics indicate:  School board members rank among their community’s hardest working elected officials, with 41.6% spending 25 hours or more a month on board business, and one in five spending more than 40 hours a month.  They do this on a voluntary basis as there is no salary or payments associated with this work.

·         School board members are the only local officials whose work is focused exclusively on PRE-Kindergarten through 12 grade education.  Your school board members represent the community’s values and beliefsEducation is not one of many competing priorities; it is school board members’ only priority.

·         Your school board members represent the public’s voice in public education,  school boards are accountable to the taxpayers footing the bills, as well as to the parents of those benefiting most directly from the services your public schools provide.

What School Board members say. . .

Research shows school boards are stepping up to the challenge of dramatically improving our public schools for the 21st century.  In 2010, School Boards Circa conducted the first national survey of school board members that was completed in almost a decade.

Here are a couple of key points:

1.            School board members see improving student success and achievement as their #1 JOB.

2.            School board members and superintendents agree that shared leadership is the key to significant change and focus on: improving instruction, professional learning and development, frequent use of assessment data and engaging strong leadership

Our communities should be very proud and thankful for the leadership you have chosen for the school board work in both Clear Lake and Mason City.  These people work tirelessly to make sure that every child has what they need for the very best education every day.

They are “staying in touch with what’s working and what is not” in order to ensure our local taxpayers that there is a better return on their investment while improving the quality of education that is provided for the children in these two vital communities.

I know that our communities understand the importance of local control and have supported our school districts even through difficult times with the economy and when we have been faced with budget cuts.  That’s what communities do that have “high performing” schools.  Your board members give the community a voice in how our schools are operated. . . public education is the engine of the community.  Please thank these people when you see them. . .they are working for our communities, for families and all children.

In Clear Lake:  Mark Tesar, Sandy Christ, Deb Betz, Chad Kuhlers and Deb Betz

AND in Mason City:  Tim Becker, Mark Young, Darshini Jayawardena, Paula Recinos, Scott Warren, Bob Thoms and Michele Appelgate.

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