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In Her Element

Posted November 14, 2012 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights

An avid bike rider and owner of a golden retriever that likes to travel, Karen Eshelman loves the textured urethane, easy-to-clean flooring of her 2007 Honda Element.

When a friend of Karen Eshelman’s was moving to New York, he decided he no longer needed his 2007 Honda Element. It just so happened that Eshelman was looking to buy an SUV at the time.

“It just worked out,” she says of the timing.

Eshelman has no regrets about getting the vehicle. She says the versatility fits her lifestyle perfectly. One of the things she really likes about the Element is the textured urethane flooring and the stain-resistant seats. She also appreciates that the rear seats are easy to lay down and remove when she needs more space in the back.

She is an avid bike rider, so having extra room to transport her bike is important to her. She also has a golden retriever who likes to go places with her and her family of four, so the flooring has come in handy.

“It’s very easy to clean,” she says.

Eshelman isn’t the only one who likes the easy-clean feature. It was one of the reasons www.dogcars.com gave the 2007 Element a “five-paw rating” and dubbed it “Dog Car of the Year.”

According to Honda’s website, the 2007 model of the compact SUV received multiple upgrades from the previous models. These and other upgrades helped the 2007 receive five-star frontal and side impact safety ratings and earned the 2010 model of the Element the Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for compact SUVs.

Eshelman’s only complaint about her four-wheel drive SUV is the gas mileage. However, the ease of transport in the winter makes it worth the sacrifice during the snow and ice. The size of the vehicle also makes it comfortable for the family to take trips to places like Kansas City and Minneapolis.
“It’s bigger than it looks from the outside,” Eshelman says.

Though the vehicle doesn’t have any extra features, it’s enough to keep Eshelman happy with the options she has. When it comes time to trade it in, Eshelman says even though Honda has since retired the Element, she’ll look for something similar because the size and features are exactly what she needs in an SUV.

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