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Posted November 14, 2012 in Community Featured, Downtown

Nicole and Mia Villalobos enjoy the variety downtown living offers.

Nicole Villalobos and daughter Mia moved downtown when Mia was just 3 years old.  Nicole chose downtown for the convenience and decided it was a great place to raise her daughter.

“We’ve been here so long, I can’t imagine us anywhere else,” Nicole says.

Mia says she thinks it’s awesome to be able to walk everywhere, including her favorite restaurants. Nicole also likes the school Mia is enrolled in and is impressed with the curriculum and staff, pointing out that Mia has been learning a second language since kindergarten.

Nicole and Mia are on a waiting list to move to another complex downtown. As Mia gets older, they feel they are outgrowing the apartment they’ve always lived in. Being a student, mom and employee keeps Nicole busy, so remaining in a location close to downtown is important to her. But what’s even more important?

“I don’t have a washer and dryer in my unit,” Nicole says. “That’s part of why I’m moving.”

Nicole has a few other concerns about living downtown, but she is working them through — like parking.

“It’s always a pain,” she laughs. She says when she first moved downtown, she was always getting parking tickets because she didn’t get to the meters in time.

For Mia, being close to a medical center isn’t ideal, either.

“Every time I get to sleep, I hear sirens,” she says, adding that  overall the neighborhood is very quiet and safe.

Nicole explains that traffic is als0 frustrating in the morning when everyone is trying to get to work and school on time, but the evening traffic isn’t an issue.

Even with the noise and morning traffic, Nicole and Mia wouldn’t trade living downtown for anything. Nicole says a lot of people ask her why she would want to raise Mia downtown where her play space is limited, but Nicole insists that her daughter has the best backyard a kid could ask for.

“We can go ride bikes in the sculpture garden, there’s so much stuff for her to do down here, and so many place to walk and see and she gets to see different kinds of people,” Nicole says. “I think that’s actually really good for her.”

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