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Much to be Grateful For

Posted October 31, 2012 in Community Featured, Clear Lake

As we enter the season of Thanksgiving, I have much to be grateful for as the Director of the Clear Lake Public Library. I am extremely thankful for:
•    The many persons of all ages who still find value in reading, and that many Clear Lake citizens choose their public library as their primary source of reading materials. (Take that, Amazon Prime!)
•    The wonderfully creative children’s book authors, past and present, who make learning to read such a pleasure, and for parents and grandparents who bring their children for library visits and programs.
•    The Clear Lake community that is extremely supportive of its public library through public funding, private donations and many volunteers.
•    A wonderful library staff.
•    An active Friends of the Library organization that promotes the library in the community and provides programming for all ages.
•    The amazing variety of requests for information that we receive daily, and the resources, both print and electronic, that provide answers.
•    Lifelong learners whose intellectual curiosity never diminishes, and that the library is able to provide support for learners at all levels from preschool to college and beyond.
•    Our hardworking Library Board of Trustees and Library Foundation Board and their progressive vision for the library’s future.
•    The wonderful volunteers who help the library in so many ways.
•    The good suggestions that people make concerning new book and media titles and ways to improve library services.
•    The technology that provides easy access to the world of information and connects people in new ways.
•    A community with a rich and vibrant history, and to have the resources and volunteers to preserve our community stories in our History Room.
•    The ability for the library, in economically challenging times, to provide resources for families and job seekers.
•    Living in a country that is free of government censorship where we have the freedom, often taken for granted, to read and freedom to express our opinions.
•    I am thankful for all the smiling faces of those who are happy to be our library users. I hope that you are one of them, and that your local library is on your list of things that make you thankful.  If you haven’t been to the library lately, please visit soon, and let our friendly staff help you discover all that the library has to offer.

Clear Lake Public Library
200 N. Fourth St.
Mon. – Thur.: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
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