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Looking Back

Posted October 31, 2012 in Adel, Community Featured

100 years ago: “Open House, Adel, One Night Only, Saturday, November 1st. Everybody’s Favorite Actor – Mr. Hugo B. Koch in “That Printer of Udel’s. Price – 25 cents, 50 cents, 75 cents, $1.00. Six Piece Orchestra. Seats on sale at Heston & Stacy’s.”
    Advertisement: “News Daily Capital: Governor George W. Clarke is growing in popularity in the state. The people hear him gladly. They believe in his honesty and have faith in his good intentions.”

75 years ago: “Kinnick’s Long Run Brings Only Score Against Michigan: Nile Kinnick, sophomore quarterback, will be Iowa’s chief offensive hope as the Hawkeye Eleven faces the final half of this years campaign with Purdue, Minnesota, Indiana and Nebraska as opponents on successive Saturdays.”
 Advertisement: “Martha’s Gift Shop: Noretake China – 54 pieces – $29.95; Corey Coffee Maker – $3.95; Novelty Gift Items – Ideal for bridge prizes – 25 cents and up.”

50 years ago: “Adel ‘Auction Bucks’ Activity Gains Volume – Adel merchants report activity on collecting Adel “Auction Bucks” is gaining momentum. The “Bucks” are in one, five and ten dollar denominations and will be used as “bidding- money” at the two auctions planned for Saturday, December 20th.”
    Advertisement: “A – D Lumber Co. – Adel: Roof for slat cribs – 16 foot diameter, 12’ high, supported by poles and corrugated roof material – $106.00; 2 Hudson electric adjustable tank water heaters – each $27.50.”

25 years ago: “Asbestos Discovered at Courthouse: In a few days, two offices in the Dallas County Courthouse will be closed to the public with the proceedings behind those closed doors remaining an enigma. And those left behind in the sealed offices of the auditor and the board of supervisors won’t exit through the front doors, but through an escape hatch from a window which will take them through enclosed scaffolding to a truck complete with a shower. Only after proceeding through the tunnel, will they be allowed to greet the light of day.”
 Advertisement: “Adel Veterinary Clinic P. C. Dr. H. T. Holcomb – Dr. P. F. Rohret – Large or Small Animals – Call Day or Night Adel 993-4707, 619 Green Street.”

Some interesting facts about Adel
S. L. Ward grew up in Adel and joined the 3rd Iowa Cavalry during the Civil War. After returning to Adel in 1865, he worked as a blacksmith and then became the first engineer on the Adel railroad.

Museum Moments
The museum is now closed on Saturdays until May 2013. If you wish to tour the museum, call 993-1032 to request a time. Many thanks go to all of the following volunteers who helped at the museum this year: Wilma McManus, Connie Cooper, Margaret Beal, Ella May Young, Karen Smith, Mary Jane Cook, Mary Jane Harsh, Mary Snow, Dorothy Powers, Mary Ockerman, Marilyn O’Neal, Rickie Varcoe, Rita Reeves, Margaret Steigleder, Bonita Baughman, Deb Christensen, Del Christensen, Terri Hook, Kathy and Kurt Nielsen, Carolyn Knoll, Sonja Ferguson, Ann Kreager, Bob and Betty Jungst and Martha Hindman.

Information provided by Adel Historical Museum.

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