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Halloween Kicks Off Community Holiday Events

Posted October 29, 2012 in Community Blogs, Johnston

Trick or Treat! Tuesday night is Beggars Night in Johnston. It’s always a fun fall event – filled with princesses, Sponge Bobs and space travellers of every generation (Star Trek, Star Wars, E.T. – does anyone but me remember Fireball XL5?)

From six to eight o’clock on October 30, neighborhoods in Johnston will be filled with children eagerly moving from house to house telling jokes in return for treats of candy.  How many times will we hear the joke “why did the chicken cross the road?”  Sometimes the answer actually surprises me.  We want the night to be fun and safe for all.  Please use caution as you travel throughout our community.

As an alternative to going door to door, Johnston families are welcome to attend the Beggars Night Party at the Simpson Barn (near the Johnston Library) from 6:00 to 8:00 on the same night (October 30.)  Sponsored by the Johnston River of Life, Johnston Police Department, Johnston Partnership for a Healthy Community, and other local organizations, the event will include a costume contest, door prizes and live music.  I have been asked judge the best decorated “business trunk.”  It will be fun to see how creative our local businesses can be as they compete for this award.

Halloween is traditionally the first of many fall holidays that we as Americans enjoy. Check back for announcements of other holiday events that are being planned in Johnston over the next couple of months.  The November/December calendars are filling up quickly with activities for the entire community.  Hope to see you at them.

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