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Health Q&A

Posted October 24, 2012 in Advice Column, Waukee

Q: Why are some people healthy while others aren’t?

A: It’s an age-old question and easy to chalk up to genetics; some people just have better raw materials to work with. While not an entirely inaccurate assessment, just as some athletes have natural gifts and others have to work harder to achieve the same objectives, so goes it with health and wellness. Regardless of your genetics and inborn tendencies, there are things you can do to improve your chances for vibrant, good health.

Good health and wellness boils down to lifestyle habits and decisions — some more obvious than others. If you eat fresh, wholesome foods, balancing and combining them effectively, your body gets the fuel it needs to properly function. If you drink enough water, get plenty of rest and exercise appropriately, you’ll feel better, look better and your body will perform better. If you meditate, get regular massages or perform other stress reduction techniques, you will reduce the harmful effects stress puts on your body.

Keeping your spine and nerve system healthy with chiropractic. Your nerve system is the control system of your entire body. When it’s working well, your body thrives. When it’s not, neither do you.

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, Kerkhoff Chiropractic will donate your out-of-pocket portion of your visit (Medicare patients excluded) to the Waukee Police Department’s Christmas Drive. For more than 30 years, the Waukee Christmas Drive assists hundreds of Waukee families and children. Kerkhoff Chiropractic is proud to support this drive and our community.

Information provided by Dr. Paul Kerkhoff, Kerkhoff Chiropractic, 260 Highway 6, 987-4747.

Q: I feel healthy now; why should I get treatments?

 A: If you’re not working toward health, you’re regressing. I am always inspired at church, but this past month my pastor said something that really resonated with me spiritually and professionally as well. He stated you cannot stay still with your faith; you’re either growing toward or you’re regressing. It’s the same for your health. If you are not doing things to help your health, then unfortunately you’re moving toward sickness and disease. We’ve all heard and used the excuses. I’ve used those, too, but after being on both sides, being on the healthy side is much better.

Our country is bombarded with pressures to worry about symptoms. The harsh reality is waiting until you “feel” something and expecting someone or something to make it better is wrong. You control your health, you are the one who does the healing and another harsh reality is that it takes time. Pain or symptoms are the last to show up, the first to go.

Symptoms are like fire; it’s in your face and you’ll do everything you can to get rid of it. You’ll eat well, get adjusted, stretch and take care of yourself. After the pain is gone, people typically stop doing the healthy things that got them there. Why? After the fire/symptoms are gone, then you need to rebuild the home/body. This has nothing to do with symptoms. You need to make small and healthy changes on a continued basis to repair and improve your health.

Like Pastor Mike said, you need to grow daily with your spirituality, you need to grow daily with your health as well. Here are a few tips that are easy and effective; get adjusted — Your brain and spinal cord control everything in your body; eat clean/whole food, exercise, work on your mental stress and stay away from drugs.

Answer provided by Dr. Wesley Nyberg, Waukee Wellness & Chiropractic, 710 Alice’s Road, 978-6661.

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