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Posted October 17, 2012 in Community Blogs, Grimes

The Grimes Public Library will be starting a Capital Campaign soon for our building addition.

The homework is still being done to see what type of dollars might be counted upon for donations, then the fun/hard work begins.

However, fundraising can be fun!  In years past, we have had our pumpkin decorating contests, Christmas wreath decorating and silent auction, and now, in support of political voting, voting set up for your favorite cartoon character.  (See picture)

Exercise your right to vote!  We do have some favorites among the staff, and since I am writing the blog, I am plugging for ‘Snoopy’ support.  We also have some politicking for ‘Big Bird’ as his funding is in danger of being cut.  We certainly do not want to see him on a Thanksgiving table, so, stop by and put some monies into your favorite character’s tin.  Of course, all proceeds go to our building addition.

Now, another favor I shall ask.  While we will be fundraising for the building addition for a bit, what would you like to participate in?  A dance, a concert, a drawing contest, an author visit?  We may as well use the fundraising to our advantage!  (Of course, we will be writing grants.)

Please feel free to call me at 515.986.3551.

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