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Dream Come True

Posted October 17, 2012 in Community Featured, Downtown

Tara Platt is happy with her downtown home.

Tara Platt says she realized in the last few years that if she was ever going to fulfill her dream to live in the downtown area, she wanted to do it soon.

“Since Des Moines is growing and there is renewed interest, it became something that was on my to-do list,” she says.

However, Platt knew she had to find a pet-friendly complex to house herself and her beloved pup, E.J.

“He’s like my child,” she says of her chow and golden retriever mix.

The duo happened upon a southwest location that has turned out to be a pet lover’s haven right in downtown. It’s not just the building that is pet friendly, but the residents are as well. Platt estimates that two-thirds of the building’s residents are pet owners, many with multiple animals.

Platt has been in her loft for a little more than a year and plans to stay for a while longer.

“It’s nice to have the energy,” she says of living in the area.  “It’s nice to be so close to everything.”

Platt also enjoys the strong feeling of community that she finds downtown. She says people who live downtown are very proud of that, and it gives them sense of belonging.

The complex where Platt lives offers a concierge during business hours and a rooftop loft that is accessible to all residents. Platt says it is a great place to sunbathe in the summer and to watch the downtown fireworks.

The complex also offers pet-friendly green space for E.J. and all the other K-9 residents to play. Platt says that was the deciding factor in choosing her location.

Another perk for E.J. is the close proximity to a doggy daycare where Platt says he has friends that he plays with during each visit, which is usually three days a week. Being able to take him to daycare keeps him from being locked up in the loft too much and lets him burn off extra energy.

She and E.J. also enjoy the new downtown dog park, where she sees a lot of familiar faces from her complex.

“We all know each other by our dogs’ names,” Platt says of her neighbors.

Platt says she’ll leave the downtown area eventually for a home with a larger yard for E.J., but for now they are content to be where they are.

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