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A Message of Appreciation

Posted October 17, 2012 in Altoona, Advice Column, Ankeny

Veterans Day is Sunday, Nov. 11. There isn’t a day that goes by that each of us shouldn’t be thankful for the sacrifice that has been made by the brave service men and women currently serving our country, as well as the veterans that have proudly served the United States.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are nine million living veterans age 65 or older — 2.1 million served in World War II, 2.6 million served in the Korean War and 147,000 served in both World War II and the Korean War.

In doing research on America’s veterans and wars, I found the following statistics — the website is noted below:
America’s Wars Total
(1775 – 1991)
•    Military service during war: 41,892,128
•    Battle deaths: 651,031
•    Other deaths in service (theater) 308,800
•    Other deaths in service (non-theater): 230,254
•    Non-mortal woundings: 1,430,290
•    Living war veterans: 16,962,0004
•    Living veterans 23,234,000

Global War on Terror5
Total Service Members (Worldwide) (as of Sept. 2011): 1,468,364
Deployed to Iraq (Operation New Dawn) (as of Dec. 31, 2011): 0
Deployed to Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) (as of June 2011): 45,000
Battle Deaths 5,078
Other Deaths (In Theater): 1,378
Non-mortal woundings: 48,104
4Total will be more than sum of conflicts due to no “end date” established for Persian Gulf War.
5Oct. 7, 2001 through May 29, 2012 (unless otherwise indicated). Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation New Dawn.

Read more: America’s Wars: U.S. Casualties and Veterans – Infoplease.com

We also have several women veterans in the United States — 1,840,380 to be exact.  California, Texas, Virginia and Georgia have the highest population, and here in Iowa we have 14,927 women veterans.

Please join me in saying “thank you” to these brave men and women who have sacrificed so much. Show your gratitude and appreciation by doing a good deed in their honor. Buy them dinner, rake leaves or shovel snow this winter for a deployed service member’s family — you get the idea.

We are forever grateful, and nothing we can do will ever be thanks enough for their sacrifice.

Information provided by Shelly Charter, Valley View Village, 2571 Guthrie Ave., Des Moines, 265-2571.

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