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Technology Subcommittee- Device & Platform

Posted October 16, 2012 in Community Blogs

The focus again of this week’s blog centers on the work of the Technology Committee, specifically the work of the Device and Platform Sub-Committee.

The challenge this sub-committee faces might be best illustrated by reviewing some of the questions it has been challenged to answer and address. Questions such as:

1. Should the district look at a single device or platform or multiple devices and/or platforms?

2. Should the platform be PC based or Mac based?

3. What platform will best support state and local technology based testing requirements?

4. What weight should the teaching of Keyboarding have in the selection of a device?

5. What is the financial impact of the device selected on current and future budgets?

These are just a  few of the many questions the committee has and continues to address. In an effort to help sort out the answers, a review of the notes from several site visits, reading the research, and having discussions with students and fellow staff members have been taking place. In addition the district has placed multiple devices in both PC and Mac platforms at multiple grade levels to gauge their effectiveness.

The work of this group has generated some lively and at times passionate discussions. I look forward to the continued conversations as we move forward to find the device or devices that best support the needs of students and staff and support the learning needed for the future.

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