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What’s New in the Adel Park and Recreation Department?

Posted October 11, 2012 in Adel, Community Blogs

Do you know how valuable your local Park and Rec. Department is?

Below are 10 of the top benefits of your local park and recreation department.

10 Great Benefits of Parks and Recreation

  1. Public parks provide millions of Americans with the opportunity to be physically active.
  2. Parks have true economic benefits such as increasing property value, improving quality of life and making communities livable and desirable for businesses and homeowners.
  3. Parks provide vital green space in a fast-developing American landscape.
  4. Parks preserve critical wildlife habitat.
  5. Parks and recreation facilitate social interactions.
  6. Leisure activities in parks improve moods, reduce stress, and enhance a sense of wellness.
  7. Recreational programs provide organized, structured, enjoyable activities.
  8. Community recreation services provide a refuge of safety for at risk youth.
  9. Therapeutic recreation is an outlet that individuals with disabilities have to be physically active, socially engaged and cognitively stimulated.
  10. Public parks embody the American tradition of preserving public lands for the benefit and use of all.

Registration for 3rd-6th grade Boys and Girls Youth Basketball League is currently open.  The Girls registration deadline is Friday, October 12th, and the Boys registration deadline is Thursday, November 8th.

The 2nd annual Disc Golf Tournament will be held Saturday, October 13th at the disc golf course located in Evans Park. This is a 2-person best shot tournament.  The Youth tourney begins at 9:00am, and the Adult tourney begins at 10:30am.

Cost is $5.00 per person; register at Adel Park and Rec. or upon arrival the morning of the tournament.

Construction work continues to move forward on the Adel Family Aquatic Center.  The facility is located on S. 15th street in Adel.  Sande Construction recently poured concrete in the pool basin where patrons will exit the slides.  This was concrete pour # 1 of 6 total pool-basin pours.

Please call Adel Park and Rec at 515-993-4525 if you have any questions.

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