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Welcome, Windows 8

Posted October 10, 2012 in Advice Column

If you haven’t already heard, the new version of Windows releases the last week of this month. The name is Windows 8. This new version of Windows will be the most radical change since Windows 95. When upgrading your computer in the past, the learning curve was pretty small. You will be learning a whole new way to use your new Windows 8 computer.

The reason for this change is to make it easier to use the same Windows on your cell phone, tablet and/or computer. All three devices will look and work almost the same. Although computers are using touchscreen monitors, at times you might not be sold on the new look. Stop in and check out a demo at our store to see if you are ready for that change now, or plan on waiting for the next operating system in three years.

With Windows XP losing support in 2014, many of you are looking for a new computer. Come see for yourself what the new Windows 8 has to offer at Little Joe’s Computers. It might be just what you were waiting for. Windows 7 computers are still available until supplies run out.

Information provided by Joe Gilbert, owner of Little Joe’s Computers, 1000 Central Ave., Fort Dodge. For more information call 515-955-4424.

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