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Safety First

Posted October 10, 2012 in Community Featured, Norwalk

John Phillips and his Chevy Traverse.

After surviving a serious automobile accident several years ago, John Phillips began looking at cars completely differently. So when looking to purchase his last vehicle, he decided on the Chevy Traverse, which he found satisfied his need for a high safety rating and much more.

The vehicle has third row seating which was also a must for Phillips.

“I have grandchildren who I adore,” he says.

Because his youngest granddaughter, who Phillips says is lovingly referred to as Peanut, is small, he found that he Traverse was easier for her to get into than his previous vehicle, a Tahoe.  Until recently Phillips took Peanut to school every morning, so her ability to comfortably get in and out of the car was important to him.

“I like that it sits up a little higher,” Phillips says. “It’s easier to see the traffic.” Phillips says his wife still gets a bit uneasy since the car accident, so it makes her feel more comfortable to be in a heavier vehicle than the sedan they were riding in at the time.

“We were in a Buick Park Avenue,” he says, recalling the accident. He credits the safety check on the car and the fact that it reacted exactly as it was supposed to do in a high speed rear end collision on saving their lives.

It was more than just the Traverse’s safety, though, that caught Phillips’ attention. He also points out the steering and brake control as well as the fact that it gets very good gas mileage.

“In today’s economy, I think it’s a very economical and wise choice for a grandpa who hangs out with the grandkids,” Phillips says.

Not only does he hang out with the grandkids, but he takes them on longer trips several times a year.  He says for them, the best feature is the DVD player that keeps them entertained when riding with Grandpa.

Phillips is also a bow hunter, so the all-wheel drive lets him get into more difficult terrain without getting stuck.

“It’s no fun getting vehicles out of mud and snow and ice, so I tried to make that a priority, too,” he says.

Returning to his original reasoning for buying the Traverse, Phillips says, “No matter what level of vehicle, whether its standard or luxury, I think you have to look at safety first, then economy, then beauty.”

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