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Beyond Four Walls

Posted October 10, 2012 in Community Featured, Clive

You don’t even have to read the caption on the photo to see the Living Faith Lutheran Church’s pastor, Luke Timm, is giving his Sunday sermon on the roof of the church, but that’s just how they do things around Living Faith.

Pastor Luke Timm takes a snapshot of his congregation from the roof of Living Faith Lutheran Church, 2180 N.W. 142nd St.

“We have a very young church with a lot of growing families, and we really like to be creative and do things as different as possible; we have a lot of fun,” Pastor Timm says.

Although the unique environment is what draws new people to the congregation, the serious side is what keeps people coming back.

“Our main ministry is to gather together as a group and grow our faith. One of the ways we do this is to feature a book series and HomeGroups to compliment what my sermon is about on Sundays,” Timm explains.

HomeGroups provide the experience for group members to meet in their leaders’ homes and discuss the featured book for the six- to eight-week study. Although the current session is coming to a close, another one featuring the book, “Love Paradox” by Karl Galik begins in January.

“HomeGroups were designed to build community and fellowship, but also invest in each other and the word of God to grow spiritually,” says Timm. “We pray with each other, study scriptures and usually share a meal together. That’s how we build those close-knit relationships.”

The groups are mixed up each time a new session starts, forming not only a tight-knit HomeGroup, but a close congregation as well.

“We get to know each other very well outside of Sunday morning,” Timm says.

When the books have been closed and the session ends, the groups continue to meet periodically to continue the fellowship and complete service projects throughout the community.
For more information about HomeGroups, the children’s ministry at Living Faith or other happenings at the church, visit the website at, or stop in at 2180 N.W. 142nd St. (Look for folks congregating on the roof.)

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