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Scream Park Opens With New Scares

Posted October 03, 2012 in Web Exclusives

SLEEPY HOLLOW – Des Moines’ largest and scariest haunted attraction opens this Friday and Saturday night for Halloween.  The Sleepy Hollow Haunted Scream Park, a seven acre theme park devoted to scaring the yell out of patrons, kicks things off Friday night at 7 PM.

This year, each attraction has been updated, and two have been completely reimagined.

Chaos, Nightmares and The Castle of Blood have all had upgrades to their sound and visual effects.  The Castle of Blood now boasts over 100 special effects, a true theme park experience.

Twisted Tales, the popular walk from the last two years, has been completely reimagined and now has a permanent home.  Dubbed Twisted Tales: The Next Chapter, the attraction will boast upgraded effects, new sets and bigger scares.

“Twisted Tales has always been visually stunning,” said General Manager Max Kenkel.  “This year we are adding a lot of smoke and mirrors, literally, to confuse, scare and enhance the feeling of the scary fairy tale.”

Perhaps the most popular attraction, Duty Calls: Zombie Shootout, also received a makeover this year.

Said Kenkel, “What we had in the past was a very structured attraction where you basically followed a path around and shot at things as they popped out at you.  This year we’ve renamed the attraction Duty Calls: Zombie Warfare.  It is a lot more open.  It’s truly like playing the head-to-head first person shooter games, and it is up to you to check every area; hunt around every corner.  We’ve also added some games within the game, and without giving it away, brain hungry zombies might be the least of people’s concerns when they play.”

The Scream Park has four additional attractions included with each ticket.  The Fog Maze, the 3-D Gallery: Aliens Attack, the Horror Movie Museum and the all new Club Blood will be open each night as well.  This brings the total count of haunted attractions to nine.

“It truly is an all-night theme park adventure,” said Kenkel.  “All of our food vendors have a free activity for patrons as well, so you can easily come here and spend the evening.  We have a beer garden for those old enough to drink, and the new Club Blood is a dance club for all ages, but especially teenagers.  We have a special nonalcoholic ‘blood’ drink that we will be serving at the club.”

The Scream Park is open October 5-6, 12-13, 18-21, and 25-29th.  It opens each night at 7 PM.

For more information on the attractions and to purchase your tickets online you can visit  Find us on  Group reservations are accepted.  To schedule a group please call Mary at 515.262.4100.

For general questions about the Haunted Scream Park please call 515.262.4100.

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