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Technology Subcommittee – District Vision

Posted October 02, 2012 in Community Blogs

Last week’s blog provided a brief overview of the purpose of the Technology Committee.  This week’s blog will share the purpose and some of the initial work of the District Vision subcommittee.

The importance of the work of this subcommittee might best be summed up by a quote from the former player, manager, and often quoted philosopher of the New York Yankees, Yogi Berra.  Yogi says:  “You have to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.”

The work of the District Vision subcommittee is to set not just a direction, but a clear direction on how we integrate and implement technology initiatives in the district.  To help clarify how these initiatives fit into the bigger instructional picture and to help avoid disconnects between the technology plan and the execution of the plan.

The committee’s initial work has included a review of National Educational Technology Standards.  The standards include the formation of goals in the following four areas:

  1.  Student Learning
  2. Powerful Teaching
  3. School to Community Connections
  4. Technology Teaching for the Learning Community

In addition to the formation of goals, the subcommittee has been reviewing proficiency standards for staff and students.  The group will continue to research and refine their work in order to provide a set of recommendations to the full committee and eventually to the Board of Education.  Next week a review of the work of the subcommittee, Support Systems.

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