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BrenLou’s Bluegrass Road

Posted September 27, 2012 in Community Blogs, Johnston

I’m not afraid to admit that when it comes to recreation, the first thing I think about is music!  I know you’re wondering what does music have to do with Parks?  Well, Last weekend I was invited to a pickin’ party at Easter Lake Park.  So, I packed up my guitar and mandolin and made my way over to play and sing with friends and family.  It was a perfect way to spend a perfectly, beautiful fall day.  And other people in the park enjoyed listening, so it was a win win musical situation for everyone! This past weekend I found myself at an acoustic jam hosted by my family at a quaint little coffee shop in Knoxville, IA called the “Coffee Connection”.  Then on Sunday, I played and sang for all the Vets at the VA Hospital Rehab Center in Des Moines, IA.

I know it’s not like playing soccer or football, but it does require a certain talent to master the different instruments you play! Just like the football plays and moves, you have to know all the chords and moves on the strings of the instruments. Did you know we have a new Bluegrass Music Association of Iowa?  If you love being outdoors and love music, you can enjoy both by attending the annual Honey Creek Music Festival hosted by the Association!  Honey Creek Resort is on Lake Rathbun, in Moravia, IA.  There are local groups scheduled as well as a well known National Bluegrass Band.  We also have a workshop just for the kids that will be hosted by the “Harper Family”, a well known gospel group.   This takes place October 26th & 27th at Honey Creek Resort.  And if it rains, there’s always the indoor water park for the kids.  If you would like to join the Association or make a donation, go to www.iowabluegrassmusic.com.

And you know the Simpson Barn here in Johnston, IA? I start hosting an acoustic music jam there beginning in October-April of each year.  The Barn is just a perfect setting for musicians to sit in a circle, pick and share songs.  Young and old attend the jam and we make sure we follow correct jam etiquette.  The jam is normally held one Sunday afternoon per month from 2:00pm-4:00pm.  Stay tuned for the next segment on musical recreation in this area for you to enjoy!  And more from the Bluegrass Music Association of Iowa including information about a new program for kids we’ve started called “Play It Forward” an instrument lending program of bluegrass instruments. I also had the pleasure this summer of interviewing the group “Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers.” There is so much more to tell you about that I just don’t have time in this small blog!

See you down BrenLou’s Bluegrass Road

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