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Road King

Posted September 26, 2012 in Community Featured, Waukee

A loud “BAROOM” followed by a low rumble is now often heard emanating from Lou Waugaman’s Waukee garage.

Lou Waugaman has his longed-for bike — a Harley Road King.

“I have always wanted a Harley,” says Waugaman. “A Road King to be exact, but I just never pulled the trigger.”

Mid-summer, Waugaman was on his way to church and made a stop for coffee at a local coffee shop.

“There was a beautiful purple Road King outside the coffee shop and an older couple enjoying their coffee at an outside table nearby,” says Waugaman. “I felt compelled to ask them if it was for sale as I went inside.”

“No, it’s not for sale,” came the reply.

After his coffee, Waugaman was in his car, ready to drive off, when he rolled down his window and said to the couple, “I just wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t ask if it is for sale, one more time.”

“Ours isn’t for sale,” said the man. “But we did remember that a friend of ours is selling the bike for a widower friend of his; you might give him a call.”

Waugaman quickly called the man, Marty, who was selling a 105th Anniversary Limited Edition Road King for his friend’s widow. His best friend, Randy Cain, had recently lost a battle with cancer after his Harley purchase.

Waugaman had also recently lost his wife, Wendy, to an 18-month battle with cancer.

“I went to see the bike and told my story to Marty. I was actually old friends with Randy (Cain) and his wife. We used to work out at the gym together, but I’d lost touch,” says Waugaman. “Of course, our conversation got emotional, and I didn’t negotiate very well. My emotions probably cost me a bit of cash, but I bought it right then and there.”

The Harley, a 2008 Limited Edition Road King was customized by Cain after he bought it. Diamond-cut heads, more chrome than the house of mirrors, custom-painted fenders and bags all add to the beauty of this classic bike.

“It’s just fun, I’ve put a couple-hundred miles on it. It’s a beautiful bike,” says Waugaman. “I tracked down Kim (Cain, widow of the man who originally owned it) and sent her a note. I wanted to let her know that her husband’s bike is with someone who will appreciate it.”

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