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Meet Scott Beglinger

Posted September 26, 2012 in Altoona, Community Featured

Scott Beglinger knew from the time he was in fifth grade that he wanted to teach.

Clay Elementary fourth grade teacher Scott Beglinger knew without a doubt what he wanted to be when he grew up. He came from a family of teachers and says he knew as far back as fifth grade he wanted to be a teacher, too.

“I’m doing what I want to do,” he says. “That is awesome.”

This is Beglinger’s second year teaching fourth grade at Clay. Prior to that, he was a teacher in Minnesota where he taught fifth and sixth grade.

Beglinger says that two years into teaching fourth grade has made it his favorite to teach.

“I am able to use the skills they already know, and there’s a lot of growth,” he says. He also says the students this age are much more independent, making his job very rewarding.

He says his favorite thing to teach is reading; he didn’t like to read as a child, but he loves to now.

“My hope is to give the kids a passion for reading that I now have and to share things they might find interesting,” he says.

Right now the class is really into the “Wayside School” series by Louis Sachar, largely due to the reading time Beglinger engages in during class.

“Nothing is more rewarding than having a read-aloud, and then having the same kids checking out the book from the library,” Beglinger says. “I know I’m doing a good job increasing their interest when I see that.”

Several of his students say “Mr. B” is their first “boy” teacher, which Beglinger thinks is a pretty cool thing. “That means they’ll remember this year,” he says.

Outside of the classroom, Beglinger is an avid jogger and spends many weekends doing marathons. He says he enjoys doing anything outside, especially if he can spend time with his wife, Melissa, and dog, Denali.

“Being outside is the best thing I can imagine,” he says.

Beglinger also enjoys traveling. He says the best trip he’s taken was when he and his wife backpacked through Europe right out of college. His favorite stop on the trip? Switzerland.

“It was awesome,” he says.

The Beglingers relocated to Iowa two years go when Melissa’s job transferred them to the area.  Beglinger says they both love the area.

“I couldn’t imagine a more friendly community that is so supportive,” he says.

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