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Meet Priscilla Watkins

Posted September 26, 2012 in Community Featured, Beaverdale

Priscilla Watkins brings the world of music to Willard Elementary students.

Pricilla Watkins is a music teacher at Willard Elementary who teaches 430 students every three days.

After moving from her former school, Hillis Elementary, she is enjoying her first year at a new school. Her goal is to imprint a love and appreciation for music as great as she feels. She believes that all her students are gifted with musical abilities and she enjoys watching them grow.

“I am humbled to think I can expose students to different styles of music in just minutes using all the technology that is available” she says. “I can have students Google any style of music, instrument, performance, etc. and in seconds they can see and hear it. I wish each student leaving my class becomes consumers and or performers of music. I want them to have a passion for their favorite style of music for a lifetime.”

Performances are a highlight each year for Watkins. She loves seeing her students perform at concerts and stand up to sing in front of friends and family and feel pride in their musical skills.

“They just glow with accomplishment,” she says. “I always ask them about what they liked or disliked about the performance. Ninety percent will always list first the people in the audience and second the songs. They generally dislike the bright lights and how hot it gets on stage with a big crowd in the audience.”

Witnessing her students grow from kindergarten to fifth grade and getting to know each one are part of what makes Watkins love what she does.

“I so enjoy seeing my students when they reach middle school and the high school,” she says. “It’s fun when they come back to visit as teenagers. I am thrilled they remember to visit their music teacher. They always tell me what new things they’ve learned about music.”

When Watkins is out of school, she looks forward to spending time with her family and friends, as well as curling up with some good books

“This year I am excited to use my season tickets to the Des Moines Symphony,” she says. “I like to learn new ways to educate my students about the world of music.”

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