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Green Building in the Beav and Beyond

Posted September 26, 2012 in Advice Column, Beaverdale

Let’s just say that Beaverdale could use a little green building technique when it comes time to actually move forward on the Mainstreet initiative that seems to be going on forever and ever.

By the way, I really am hopeful our great neighborhood gets to enjoy some sweet improvements sooner or later. Storm water management is a big part of the green thing, and our streets could really use some attention to that matter. Wide sidewalks would be great, too, by promoting more community pride along with healthy lifestyles. To be able to walk by another couple going down Beaver would be fantastic without having to go into someone’s yard or into the parking or even the street. Street lights would be fantastic, and we could obviously go with very long-lasting and economical LED lighting to make our sidewalks safer and our neighborhood much more attractive.

Next in the metro, how about Sixth Avenue downtown getting an EPA green building project makeover on their dime because of a program called Greening Americas Capitals? Permeable streets and everything, very cool for downtown. A green builder friend of mine asked me to be present at his marketing green class to real estate agents up in Ankeny, and it’s real fun to be able to talk about all these things we are doing in certified green homes these days. Because if you listen to the quality of buildings that we provide and savings that can be made, people really like it; obviously they should.

Also in the metro, an energy audit friend of mine spoke to a class at DMACC and was telling them about how much energy savings can be had by allowing him to do a $150 diagnosis. So I had him to my house in Beaverdale and, wow, was it overdue for me to start practicing what I preach.

The nice thing is that Mid American rebates not only will cover the energy audit from an outside source, but potentially thousands on the upgrades that you make because of the audit. Some people would rather live in an efficient home both water-wise and energy-wise, along with having a healthy indoor air environment for their family before spending a couple thousand on granite countertops.

Lastly, throughout the metro and beyond, I have heard serious rumors about natural gas pumps popping up soon. Furthermore, have you been to the excellent new Hy-Vee in Urbandale yet? Not only are they going after a serious green building designation for that piece of real estate, but they have two electric car charging stations. You just have to love change, and if you don’t, you have to live with it anyway. It has been a great summer in Beaverdale. I hope everyone enjoyed the Fall Fest and loves watching football in all our great Beaverdale establishments.

Information provided by Matt Connolly, Generation Green Builders, 3521 Beaver Ave., Des Moines, 515-453-6196.

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