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Dinsdale Sculpture Dedication September 24

Posted September 20, 2012 in Web Exclusives

Ron Dinsdale, Huxley, has recently created “Path of Peace” an outdoor 14.5 ton, 18’ high Bedford Indiana Limestone sculpture which has been installed on the Urban DMACC Campus in Des Moines.  This creative endeavor was commissioned by the “Iowa Peacemakers Monument, Inc,” and supported by the Urban DMACC Campus, the Des Moines City Council and the Iowa State Department of Transportation; as the first “I-235 Corridor Gateway Sculpture.”

Dinsdale, who grew up in the Webster City area and taught art at Northeast Hamilton, Blairsburg and Valley High School, West Des Moines, describes himself as: “the father of three inspiring children, a grandfather, a Vet Nam Era Veteran, a humanistic artist-in-residence/teacher for over 45 years, and an artist/storyteller, who colors outside the lines that define his life.”  In each of these roles, he experiences joy and shoulders self-imposed responsibilities. The dimensions of his life cannot be separated from the physical and mental content of his art or his teaching philosophy and methodology.  There is a union between Ron’s professional and personal life, which he shares in hopes of stimulating other’s awareness of their environment and life experiences as content for their own authentic art and even therapeutic recover.  He feels that this union is extremely important to show that he is a complete individual and it gives him the strength to touch and elevate personal content/images of life.

“Growing up on the farm is the basis for my way of life, my love of nature, problem solving, and working with my hands,” says Dinsdale. “I always felt at ease while in her (nature’s) presence! In nature, education and business, everything is interwoven, there is energy that is forever turning, and that movement conveys a process of growth and the results/ work extends in time as well as space.”

Ron’s sculptures have been selected for city public art exhibitions and commissions as well as numerous commissioned sculptures around the world and the United States including the Webster City Community School District and Kendall Young Library.

Path of Peace Sculpture Dedication
September 24, 2012
1:00 to 2:30 p.m.
DMACC Urban Campus Path of Peace Sculpture Site


Laura Douglas, DMACC Urban Campus Provost
Mary Chuol, DMACC Urban Campus Voice Student
Rob Denson, DMACC President and CEO
Eva Sandoval, DMACC Student Activities Council President
Ron Dinsdale, “Path of Peace” Artist
Chet Guinn, Iowa Peace Monument Committee
Frank Cownie, Des Moines Mayor
Following the dedication you are invited to view the sculpture and partake of refreshments.


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