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Well- Built

Posted September 19, 2012 in Community Featured, Windsor Heights

Michael and Margaret Caskey.

Cute couple. Cute home. That’s what you find when you visit 1017 65th St. in Windsor Heights. When asked what they like best about their home, Michael Caskey says, “Margaret.”


The cozy couple has lived in this 1953 home for 30 years. Other reasons they like it is that it’s brick, and there is very little painting maintenance to be done. And the fact that this house was built when homes were built to last, says Michael. It really is a sturdy home.

They also like the location of their home. “It’s just so convenient to everything,” says Margaret.

The Caskeys have been busy  over a period of time updating, painting and changing their home. All the paint colors they have chosen for the living room and bedrooms are cozy and new. The painted accent walls make the rooms seem bigger.

The new windows are clean and reveal the home as well-kept and loved. The contemporary blinds and swag drapes in the living room are beautiful. The deck in the backyard is quaint and just their size.

Michael and Margaret Caskey enjoy keeping their brick home up to date and well maintained.

The couple keeps up the maintenance, the painting and the re-doing. They’ve added a new roof, front and back doors and updated the furnace and air conditioning. On their wish list is a new kitchen and dining room.

Michael and Margaret enjoy their home and their daily “to-do” lists. In the midst of organizing, cleaning, painting and planning, they also know that Christmas is coming. It is then when their five children, 13 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren will interrupt their daily house chores and swell their well-built Windsor Heights home with love, peace and joy.

“The rooms are a bit small,” says Michael. “We really feel it at Christmas when all the kids are here. With all the things we love about our home, we agree that this one time of year isn’t enough to make us move.”

New, younger families moving into the area are bringing a fresh vibe, yet another thing that the Caskeys enjoy about their location.

“This neighborhood really has changed quite a bit since we’ve been here,” says Michael.

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