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Pie, Please?

Posted September 19, 2012 in Community Featured, Winterset

Since 1921, Montross Café/soda fountain has served as a convenient sidebar to the longtime, local, family-owned Montross Pharmacy/retail store.

Tradition: that’s mine, the second one from the end at Montross Cafe.

“The soda fountain has always been there as a courtesy to the pharmacy customer,” says pharmacist Jerry Schwertfeger. “Even today, we still offer a free cup of coffee or soda with every prescription.”

Eight or 80, you’ve probably been there and have picked your favorites — your favorite chair, your favorite entrée, your favorite pie. Over the years, the fountain/café has become a favorite breaking point for breakfast, lunch or supper. This hometown comfort zone has even been mother-approved and dubbed as Mom’s favorite afterschool/afterpool babysitter. Kids love bellying up to the counter for that ring-side seat to watch as the cook butter-fries the hamburger buns or flips the bubbling hot pancakes.

The more seasoned crowds tend to gravitate toward the buffet line in the back and those homemade entrées. That’s what caught our eye today — the hot, steaming plates of homemade chicken and noodles, that come with mashed potatoes, biscuits, and, of course, a dollop of gravy. And, just to make sure we completed the carb overload cycle, we added an order of the cherry soda cracker dessert — that’s the pink, fluffy stuff that always looks so good but you can never think of the name of. And, just like the homemade meatloaf and other favorites, our entrée of choice is the product of generations of tried and true recipes. Even the lemon, custard and banana cream pies are homemade and delicious. And those cinnamon rolls you smell in the morning — they are still freshly made following Pat Montross’ own recipe.

According to Schwertfeger, while they try to stick to tradition and the favorites, there are a few updates for the café coming in the near future, including new flooring and some new menu items.

“We have already been trying out some new specialized burgers,” says Schwertfeger. “It’s just kind of fun, once in a while, to add some new things to the menu…  like the Husky Burger.”

Yep, we’re guessing that one will be a sure winner with any of the pre-game crowds, as long as it’s on one of those butter-fried buns.

Montross Café
120 N. First Ave. • 462-2282
Café hours: Mon. – Fri.: 7:45 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Saturday: 7:45 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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