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Crafting a Happy Home

Posted September 19, 2012 in Community Featured, Winterset

Jeanne Jacobson predicts that her husband will never be done with craft projects.

Tony Jacobson has crafted his way through life. When not quilting,
designing quilting, teaching quilting, or writing about quilting, he stops and makes time to craft some whimsical, paper mache characters for the
coming Halloween.

“Before he finishes one project, he has already thought up two more,” she says. “I just try to stay out of his way most of the time, but occasionally I like to annoy him and offer my opinions.”

“And I’m just foolish enough to ask for them,” laughs Tony Jacobson, craftsman extraordinaire.

According to Tony, he has always loved working with design and patterns, and at the age of 10 had a grandmother who encouraged his creativity through the detailed art of quilting. Mixing and matching shapes, sizes, colors and patterns was just the catalyst he needed to kickstart his design career. Over the years, he has tested his new design theories through a multitude of media including pottery, sculpture, stained glass, beading, basket weaving and paper mache, to name a few. However, he credits his grandmother for his true passion and love for quilting. He gestures toward his design board where his next vision is coming to life through the use of fabric.

“That one is just a work in progress,” he says as he opens an old oak sideboard and reveals 20 or more beautiful, full-size, stacked quilts of every color and design, including Quilts of Valor and decorative wall quilts. “Those are just the new ones I’ve made this year, so far.”

Inevitably, with Jeanne being a skilled seamstress and crafter as well, the couple found they were running short on space, and they needed a new place to stretch out and really have some fun. Sacrifices were made and the garage became the crafting duo’s paradise.

“It’s big enough that the kids (i.e.: one naughty cat named Barnaby and two gorgeous but very large rescue dogs named Harley and Howie) can be in here with us while we work,” says Jeanne. “It can get a little noisy; we still use the 20-year-old Bernina to sew on, and it’s starting to sound a little bit like a corn sheller, but this room has become the most used space in our house. We probably spend 75 percent of our time out here. And on cold, snowy winter days, it’s fun to come out here and work on something bright and cheery.”

And in the summer, the room does go silent, at least twice a day.

“We take the dogs on a walk every morning,” says Tony. “And at night, they take us for a walk to Frosty’s, and they each get their own (vanilla) ice cream cone.”

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