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’52 GMC

Posted September 12, 2012 in Community Featured, West Des Moines

With all due respect to the mayor, fellow city council members and perhaps the owner himself, if Kevin Trevillyan appears to receive a few more waves and cheers during West Des Moines’ annual Fourth of July parade than his peers, the reason might be that his constituents appreciate fine vintage vehicles. At least that is what his friends might say when they tease him after reading this story.

Kevin Trevillyan bought his ’52 GMC truck in Missouri in 1989.

Chances are good that if you have attended the Fourth of July parade the last two years, you have seen Trevillyan riding in his restored 1952 GMC pickup truck with his oldest son, Justin, driving it. Or perhaps you have seen him showing it at an area car show.

“I get a lot of people who holler at me in the parade, ‘Nice truck. You want to sell it?’ I always tell them, ‘No, thank you,’ ” says Trevillyan.

The longtime West Des Moines Water Works employee and city councilman (now in his second year) made good on a promise to himself and to his wife to restore the truck that has been in his possession for 23 years, and now it is likely you will see more of him driving it.

“I bought it in Missouri in 1989 for $350,” says Trevillyan. “It was running, but I had it hauled home the next spring. It sat for a while because I was busy starting a family, getting divorced and getting married again. One day my wife said, ‘Are you ever going to do anything with that truck?’ So in 2008 I started rebuilding it, and now it’s just about done.”

During the last four years, Trevillyan hired local car experts to restore the truck. They added the front end of a Mustang with two-inch drop spindles, the rear end of a ’57 Chevy automobile, rocker panels, power steering, power brakes and matched the sparkle-based paints of a blue 2008 Pontiac and silver 2005 Mustang to give it its unique paint job. They also restored the interior and dropped a Chevy V8 350 engine under the hood.

“I like the stance of the truck and its looks and its performance, but I also like the fact that it’s fun to drive,” says Trevillyan, who plans to show it again on Sept. 22 at the Henry Gregor Felsen Tribute Car Show at the Val Air Ballroom. “I love it.”

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