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Yukon GT

Posted September 05, 2012 in Adel, Community Featured

Dawn van Buren will be the first to admit that she’s driven a few snazzy cars in her time including various Corvettes and Mustang, none has given her the security and reliability of her prized Yukon GT.

Dawn van Buren and her 1994 Yukon GT

“We got it new in 1994,” says van Buren. “I had a Ford Mustang convertible at the time, and I had decided to sell it. I called the guy who had serviced the vehicle for me, and he bought it immediately. I wanted a bigger vehicle and found just what I was looking for at Prostrollo Motors in Madison, S.D.”

Although van Buren calls Prostrollo, “the most unique dealership I’ve ever been to,” the vehicle got off to a rough start.

“We got the Yukon and stopped at the store. All of a sudden, we couldn’t back out and we had to push it backwards. We found out the transmission was blown,” says van Buren. “Prostrollo took great care of us, and after that one problem the Yukon hasn’t given us a bit of trouble since.”

The car has been extremely reliable for van Buren. With only 131,000 miles, it should keep her on the road for years to come. The paint job, though, was a different story.

“It ran great for all these years, but the paint didn’t hold up as well as the rest of the vehicle,” she says. “I took it to Craig Sedars over at Modern Motors, and they did a great job of repainting it. It looks so good, I don’t want to drive it in the rain or the snow.”

Although the four-wheel drive is great in the snow, the Yukon was missing a key ingredient for this transplanted southerner — heated seats.

“I had to get some sheepskin seat covers to keep my butt warm in the winter,” she laughed.

The sheepskin seat covers draw plenty of attention.

“The people in town tease me in a good way about wearing a pin stripe suit and driving a Yukon with sheepskin seat covers,” she laughs.

As Dawn and her husband Van prepare to move south, she plans on taking the Yukon with her but will miss the time spent in Adel.

“Out of the eight or nine states we’ve lived in, I’m going to miss the quality of life in Iowa the most,” she says wholeheartedly, before offering one more laugh. “But I won’t miss the winters.”

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