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Q: What kind of apps are available for my preschooler?

Posted September 05, 2012 in Advice Column, Johnston

A: Mobile apps can be a fun and interactive way to teach your preschooler everything from shapes to colors to numbers and counting. Here’s a list of top iPad apps for your preschooler adapted from Education.com:
 • My Very First App: ($1.99). Based on Eric Carle’s “My Very First Books” series.
• Colormixer: (Free). This app encourages exploration with color.
• Interactive Baby Sound: (99 cents). Baby can touch a picture of a pig and hear it say oink.
• Baby Peekaboo Cards: (99 cents). This peekaboo game grows with your child because there are so many cards to uncover.
• Voice Toddler Cards: ($1.99). This app has more than 500 colorful photo flashcards for the youngest children.
• Toddler Quiz Flashcards: (99 cents). The app displays four pictures at a time, and a voice names one of them for your child to identify and touch.
  • Catch & Count: (99 cents). Catch some decorated eggs in a little red truck.

When introducing an app to your child, model how to play the game, then sit back and let her explore it herself. As technology becomes more accessible to everyone, preschoolers are no exception. You may find that the biggest problem with introducing your child to the tablet is prying it out of her hands so you can use it.

Information provided by LuAnn Murgatroyd, childcare manager, ChildServe Childcare Center, 5406 Merle Hay Road, Johnston, 787-8750.

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