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Hand to the Plow

Posted August 22, 2012 in Altoona, Advice Column, Pleasant Hill

If you have ever started something that takes months or years to accomplish, it is certain that it will take an unwavering focus and discipline to get the end result that you desire.

You saw this lived out during the Olympics. I wonder how many people have stopped short of a worthy goal that had certain reward just around the corner, but because of bumps, cynics or discouragement, gave up to soon?

Sadly many people have never experienced the lessons and rewards that come with sticking to a worthy goal. But those who have experienced great reward, regardless of how hard it was and would never give it up once they tasted it.

Reward is certain when the proper effort is put in. The end result may look different than what you originally expected, but the journey will teach you many valuable lessons while on the road to the final reward. Those lessons can never be taken away and will stick with you for a lifetime.

Managing a healthy lifestyle is no different. The discipline it takes to get what you want is what most people are unwilling to pay for. The road is not easy, but for those who do not grow weary in well doing, reaping is certainly around the corner. It will come, but it will take discipline.

Because we are bombarded from every angle to “get it now,” people stop short of a worthy goal. Fitness is not about a 12-week push to drop a few pounds, only to later find yourself diving into yet another ice cream dish, bag of chips or your favorite junk food item. Healthy lifestyle fitness is about a steady hand, a daily commitment, seeing change, and living a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. You will get exactly what you desire with consistency, a commitment and doing it the right way. It takes a little each day to realize short term and long term goals.

So I ask you again (if you have been reading each month), what are you doing today to get the fitness results that you desire in six months? A farmer doesn’t produce money from 1,200 acres instantly. It takes sowing day in and day out, year after year to reap an end result that is pleasing and rewarding.

Decide now to keep your hand to the plow, and you’ll reap great rewards. If you have stopped, make today your new beginning.

• What are my goals, and have I written them down?
• Am I really willing to pay a price for my goals, regardless of the bumps or critics?
• What plan will I follow to reach my goals?
• By reaching my goals, what am I teaching those who are watching me?

Article by David Charleston, owner/founder, The Orange Planet Athletic Club, 5650 Metro Business Drive, Pleasant Hill,

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