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Doing Better With What We Have

Posted August 22, 2012 in Advice Column, Beaverdale

Hopefully everyone has visited and will continue to visit the Beaverdale farmers’ market in Beaverdale Park at the end of Adams.

It’s important, as we all know, to support our local businesses as much as possible, especially our farmers, as it is a healthy and tasty choice. There are many choices, from locally-created jewelry to Iowa-grown produce. Many local vendors are in attendance selling their wares and products as well, such as the Chameleon food truck, Tracy’s Concessions and Little Witch Soap Company. Beaverdale is working hard on maintaining its local appearance as well as building local business to help our community to thrive.

Green building incorporates healthy living as much as possible when it comes to neighborhoods. For example, walking around Beaverdale creates a great sense of community, promotes buying locally and, most of all, gets us some much-needed exercise. Rebuilding in our existing neighborhood where everything we want is already in place, such as full-grown trees, schools, coffee shops, bars and restaurants is very important. These are big reasons why my family and your family lives here, in Beaverdale, and wants to stay in Beaverdale. Our existing community environment and its amenities are already in place and done the way we want them. Access to trails, bike paths, bus routes and parks are all right here where we want them, close, and bring a lot to promote green living. They induce walking, jogging and riding our bikes to our local establishments, along with healthy, clean living. Living three blocks from your local grocery will entice you to walk for your weekly groceries instead of driving, which will reduce your carbon footprint.

Can I get an “Amen” for being urban? The city of Des Moines is fantastic for many reasons, and our neighborhood shines as being one of the most attractive neighborhoods in the United States, so let’s get out and show it. Let’s face it, if everyone could see building in an established community for the above reasons, our property values would skyrocket.

Green development is all about doing better with what we have; if it means starting new, that’s great. Just go for it, within our very own older neighborhood. If we strive to rebuild what we have in place, our neighborhood will grow financially along with our own pocketbooks. It’s a fact that regardless of your thoughts about being green, we all care about saving money, and that’s the number one reason to build green and use what is already in place for us in Beaverdale. If we care about the world we live in, a lot or a little, building green is a bonus side effect. So, we’ll see you on a walk around the neighborhood. n

Information provided by Matt Connolly, Generation Green Builders, 3521 Beaver Ave., Des Moines, 515-453-6196.

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