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Back to School on August 20!

Posted August 20, 2012 in Adel, Community Blogs

As the start of the school year approaches, I am always excited to have the ADM teaching staff report for their first day. Their arrival back to school means kids are not far behind and we can get started on another great school year!

I spent time this summer thinking about teaching and our teachers at ADM. Some quick research on teaching produced some interesting facts:

  • Teachers spend an average of 50 plus hours per week in teaching duties and other activities like grading papers, calling parents, and supervising activities.
  • There were 3.6 million teachers in the US in 2010.
  • Teachers spend an average of $443 of their own money to meet the needs of their students.
  • There are approximately 34,000 full time teachers in Iowa.
  • We have 119 teachers at ADM.
  • The average number of years ADM teachers have been with the district – 10.

The quality of the teaching staff at any school is the foundation for outstanding results, and we are relying on our teachers in deeply significant ways in order to plan for improvement. Teachers at ADM are all members of a professional learning community or PLC. These teams of teachers are typically all the teachers in a grade level (like 5th grade) or a content area (like middle school science). These teams analyze data and decide what is most important to focus on in order to improve student achievement.

The teachers at ADM are collectively a great group of committed professionals. I have tremendous respect for them and what they do. I can’t wait to have them back!

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