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Ode to the Flowerpots in Colby Park

Posted August 16, 2012 in Community Blogs, Windsor Heights

For the past two years that the Windsor Heights Community & Events Center has been open, a source of constant pride comes not only from the facility but from the extra touches.  Key among these are the Park flower pots surrounding the building.  The pots are colorfully decorated with a myriad of blooming posies and graceful grasses, depending on the season.  Yes, depending on the season.  The pots are changed four times of the year to reflect the spring, summer, fall and winter outdoors in Iowa.
Although the history of flowerpots goes back to Greek and Roman times, the French and British are known to have perfected the concept.  Here in Colby Park, you will find Phil Nations diligently working to ensure the lasting beauty of each pot.  A lot has changed over time and pots today have had a huge impact on horticulture.

Come visit Colby Park and behold the splendor of the flowers.  Go to <> .  Decorating flower pots is fun and easy.  Check out future Park activities for hands on workshops.

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